In the final round, The Masked Singer went down the wrong path


The Masked Singer Vietnam – Masked singer Season 2 is gradually reaching its final stage, the 30 artists participating in the performance are what makes fans interested.

Towards the end, the show created greater attraction even though the first time was criticized for being less hot than the first season. Despite the improvement, the audience still has many things to worry about for the concert taking place on December 16 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Masked Singer concert was criticized for being overwhelming

With 30 mascots, both new and old, many fans fear that the top three won’t have enough time to shine and fully share each person’s story.

In order to be able to perform all 30 artists within the allowed time, the organizers need to arrange cleverly, avoid “burning” the script, taking on too much, making viewers tired of having to wait for the ending announcement. final result.

Many inadequacies in the concert night of The Masked Singer season two made the audience worried that they would go down the same path as season one.

Some viewers said that Masked Singer intentionally cramming, not learning from season one:

After cramming last year to unmask at the end of the concert, I thought this year’s show would learn from experience. Why does water continue to enter the ground like this?

“Last year, the Top 3 unmasked themselves a bit, like running away from the enemy. Whoever gets stripped in the Top 4-5-6 will profit more.”

“I feel like the mascots this season are not respected. There are 19 mascots, and more people are invited. So the mascots stripped from the first rounds probably sing a song and then go home. Not to mention the fact that they had to wait 4-5 hours to celebrate with the champion. Tired”…

The first concert night had many weaknesses that left the audience with a bad impression. The program lasted until the next day, making viewers tired just waiting to see the awards and the final top three revealed.

The unreasonable seating arrangement was criticized by viewers. Some audiences bought VVIP tickets but were placed far away from the stage. Some people even arrived late, didn’t have seats and had to stand and watch the program.

Will the top three in the end suffer a loss?

Among the famous unmasking performances in season two probably belong to Cotton Sheep – Khoi My, Pierced Rabbit – Hoang Dung and Dad Bear – Hoang Hai.

Khoi My’s appearance was expected to create a similar effect to the cases of Luong Bich Huu and Thuy Chi in season one, but was not as explosive as expected. However, compared to many remaining mascots in season two, Cuu Bong still receives attention from the media after 6 years of Khoi My being in hiding.

Being eliminated from the show earlier than expected, Dad Bear Yellow Sea made fans regretful. Before that, many viewers were sure he would be in the top three overall.

Nearly a decade of absence, vocalist Daystar rendezvous became a craze on many social networking platforms. The audience is waiting for explosive performances, so that Hoang Hai has more opportunities to show off his powerful voice.

These mascots all have a stage to appear every week, and don’t have to share the spotlight. Therefore, the audience expects more from the concert night, where the top three have more aura, not being overwhelmed by the performances of old mascots and guests.

Besides, there are suggestions that the organizers should focus on coordinating the exchange stage with the top three very carefully, 15-20 minutes for each person is reasonable, enough to ensure they get the most attention. from the public because of the effort put in over the past time.

The final of The Masked Singer has gone down the wrong path-3Final: The Masked Singer has gone down the wrong path-4The final of The Masked Singer went down the wrong path-5The final of The Masked Singer went down the wrong path-6
The four mascots of season two that have not yet been revealed are Ban Don Elephant, Northwest Owl, Ong Bay Bi, and HippoHappy.

If the first season’s script is kept, the top three will suffer because at the end of the concert they will be revealed, and then the audience will also be relieved.t” – commented the audience.

On the contrary, many people think that the organizers are worried about the duration of 30 songs with 30 singers, making it very difficult to save the spotlight for the top three. “In general, the top four revealers will have more time than the top three. After the show, only the champion will be remembered” – an account stating an opinion.

Some suggestions given by the program about guests who will appear in the concert night of season two include: Smurfette, Fire Phoenix, O Sen, Lady May, Noble Cat…

Up to this point, the four mascots of season two that have not been revealed are Ban Don Elephant, Tay Bac Owl, Ong Bay Bi, HippoHappy…

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