Never speak up in front of public opinion


The teacher’s mind must be bright

– Why did you choose to follow this path of “growing people”?

Minh Nguyet has 12 years of experience with the teaching profession.

It has been 12 years since I returned to work and teach at the Military University of Culture and Arts. From the first days of confusion until now, I have experienced many levels of emotions, some difficulties and some joys.

In my opinion, teaching is one of the professions that creates the most positive environment. Teachers are considered “soul engineers” who convey not only knowledge but also way of life and human ethics to students. Only the “mind” of a bright teacher can make students always respect him and see him as a shining example. That’s why I find the teaching profession sacred and the more I stick with it, the more I love this profession.

– The profession of teacher or lecturer has its own characteristics. How is being a theater and film arts instructor different from other subjects?

Military University of Culture and Arts has trained many generations of artists. I am honored to be a member of this school. The teaching profession always has certain characteristics, especially for teachers wearing military uniforms like us. If you are looking for a job that brings you joy, teaching will give you all those feelings. A theater arts instructor not only teaches things in books and guides children to follow the right path, but is also sometimes like a friend with whom they share their emotions, explore their inner self, and sometimes even I even rolled around crying and laughing on the stage.

The lecturer’s wife of People’s Artist Tu Long is always proud and loves her profession.

– The teaching profession is cherished and respected by everyone, but it also has many difficulties and low salaries that make many people give up. Have you had any moments like that?

I am lucky to be a lecturer, artist – soldier, so in addition to teaching, we also serve the military, so we also have a lot of support. Although there are times when I also think about the economy, I think that I am training a generation of workers for the future, for the country. In addition, thanks to being a teaching artist, I have many opportunities to collaborate and teach with outside schools. Or besides practical subjects, I can teach theory, write articles, do scientific research… All of these things more or less bring in extra income.

– As a lecturer, I am often strict about my speech. Furthermore, you are the wife of People’s Artist Tu Long, does that put pressure on you?

Actually, it’s not that much pressure, but it’s true that I’m always more conscious and careful with my words and posts on social networks. I am aware that it is necessary and should be done.

– With the scrutiny or gossip from public opinion, how do you deal with it?

I usually never speak up to explain but choose to stay silent to go through the storm.

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People’s Artist Tu Long and his lecturer wife always support each other in their work.

– Everyone sees that she is a responsible woman who takes care of her work and family. How do you arrange everything to balance it?

Maybe God gave me the special ability to organize my work very dynamically and I can handle many things at once. I’m a perfectionist, meticulous and careful, so I’m dedicated to everything I do. That’s why I work hard. But in return I feel happy and satisfied. I have a rule at work as well as meetings with friends that everything will be resolved in 8 golden hours. (laugh). When I get home, I do everything very quickly. My secret is neatness. Just keep doing it, everything will fall into place.

My husband always helps me when needed

– She is always by his side, encouraging People’s Artist Tu Long so that he can focus wholeheartedly on his work. Conversely, how does your husband encourage and support you at work?

We have sympathy and can share because we more or less share the same profession. Being both soldiers of the Vietnamese People’s Army and passionate about theater arts, we always support each other. I have a lot of knowledge about theater history, acting concepts, or Cheo art majors. Wherever I don’t understand, I can ask for help from my husband.

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Both have a happy life with their 3 children.

– After 8 years of being together, your married life is increasingly fulfilling and bearing many sweet fruits. What is the secret?

After experiencing ups and downs in married life, we both learned how to listen to each other.

– I have the feeling that you are always gentle, the one who soothes your husband when you both have conflicts and arguments, is that true?

It’s not right that we just lived together before. Back then, both of us still had more instinctive thoughts and actions. But now I find myself changing a lot. That change made my husband change too. Each person has their own way to express their love, accepting the other person is the way we are for each other.

Impressed with the Cheo play ‘My Company Commander’ directed by People’s Artist Tu LongWithin the framework of the Professional Art Performance on the theme of All-People’s National Defense in 2023, the Cheo play ‘My Company Captain’ of the Military Cheo Theater directed by People’s Artist Tu Long left deep impressions in the audience. audience’s hearts.

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