Entertainment news November 20: Den Vau and Ha Anh Tuan are grateful to their teachers


Image of Den Vau turning into a student next to the teacher – Photo: FBNV

* Facebook is filled with congratulations on November 20

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day November 20, the artists’ Facebook accounts were filled with expressions of gratitude and congratulations to teachers.

Rapper Den Vau wrote: “Growing up, I realized that teaching is a really difficult profession. I really appreciate and admire teachers.

On the occasion of November 20, I wish all teachers to be always healthy and always full of inspiration so that on the journey of acquiring knowledge and cultivating the character of our generations of students, we will always be supported by love. love, by the minds and hands of Teachers”.

Singer Ha Anh Tuan sent his wishes: “The day of the noble silent ‘catalysts’. Thank you, Teacher, thank you, always remember for a lifetime.”

Nguyen Vu also sent congratulations to the teachers and remembered the late singer Phi Nhung: “Vu would like to remember a few lines to remember a person that Vu always cherished and respected because of his loving, close and cute heart, that is The late singer Phi Nhung was like a younger brother, a friend and also a teacher to Vu.”

* Truc Anh, Ye Ye Nhat Ha and Stealing fate

Actors Truc Anh and Ye Ye Nhat Ha take on quite special roles in the new drama Stealing fate. Those are two sisters, Minh Anh and My Anh, who have completely opposite personalities.

Movie Stolen Fate – Photo: DPCC

Near Minh Anh’s wedding day, fate pushed them into a sudden tragic accident that left both of their faces disfigured, making them indistinguishable. While her sister was still in a coma, My Anh planned to change her life.

Stealing fate made by director Chu Thien, with the participation of actors Truc Anh, Ye Ye Nhat Ha, Nguyen Quoc Truong Thinh, Anh Tai… broadcast at 8:00 pm every Monday to Saturday on THVL1, starting from the evening November 20.

* BlackPink has the possibility of extending the group’s contract with YG

Yonhap news agency has just announced that four members of the famous K-pop girl group BlackPink will likely continue to extend their group contract with YG Entertainment.

They are currently in the final stages of negotiations with the management company regarding the group’s activities.

BlackPink music group - Photo: YG Entertainment

BlackPink music group – Photo: YG Entertainment

Whether the members will renew their individual management contracts with the company is still uncertain. YG said “Nothing has been decided yet” and they are “still negotiating” the issue.

Rose, Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie debuted as members of the group BlackPink in 2016 and their 7-year contract with YG expired in August.

BlackPink currently accounts for a significant portion of YG’s revenue, so whether the 4 members will renew their exclusive contract with this company or not is of great interest.

It is known that after the rumor that only Rose remained in YG, the other members would leave, the company’s stock price at one point plummeted by 13%.

* A gift for People’s Artist Quoc Hung on November 20

Generations of teachers and students of the Vietnam National Academy of Music such as Meritorious Artists Hoang Tung, Manh Hoach, Huong Ly, Duc Tuyen, Ha Phuong, Ba Thanh, Nguyen Tran Trung Quan, Cloud group… invited each other to make MVs. My teacher Gifted to People’s Artist Quoc Hung on November 20.

People's Artist Quoc Hung

People’s Artist Quoc Hung

The song was composed by artist Manh Hoach, currently a lecturer in the vocal department at the academy. The MV was directed by Ngoc Gems.

Manh Hoach said that when he searched his memory, he realized there was no song written about his vocal teacher.

That’s what made the artist come up with the idea of ​​writing a song about this topic.

Worth mentioning, People’s Artist Quoc Hung participated in the MV but did not know anything about this gift.

He thought he was filming a short film for his students, but he only found out when the MV was about to be completed.

People’s Artist Quoc Hung said he was both surprised and happy to feel his students’ affection for him from a very close yet very different perspective through the above MV.

“Proximity is because we teachers and students all belong to the world of music, living in music. The difference is because our students always have feelings for us, I have also felt it, but express my feelings through song, that surprised me,” the artist shared.

* More than 30,000 spectators attended the music night School Fest

Evening of November 19, music night School Fest took place at the dormitory of Ho Chi Minh City National University, with the participation of more than 30,000 spectators. This is the 4th season of the music night School Fest takes place for students of Ho Chi Minh City National University.

Singers bring a series of hits to serve students - Photo: BTC

Singers bring a series of hits to serve students – Photo: BTC

The music night brings more than 30 performances with the participation of 15 singers that are loved by young people such as: Bui Cong Nam, B Ray, Kay Tran, Lyly, Jaykii, Mr.B, Doan Hieu, Pham Viet Thang…

Besides singing two songs This Tet I will return and Always remember this tripBui Cong Nam also takes on the position of music director for this program.

Kay Tran stirred up the stage with two hits U love me and Behind you. Lyly also made the audience restless with a series of hits: 24 hours, Please forgive me, Love is so cute.

* ST Son Thach invited Hari Won to perform a dance project

With a passion for dance, singer ST Son Thach implemented the project Dancing Heart (Rhythm of the heart). To prepare for this project, the male singer invited musician Andiez Nam Truong and choreographer Lit Nguyen to accompany him.

ST Son Thach and Hari Won in the Dancing Heart project - Photo: NVCC

ST Son Thach and Hari Won in the Dancing Heart project – Photo: NVCC

First guest of Dancing Heart is Tran Thanh’s wife. However, when he learned that he had to do the Double Dutch jump challenge (jumping with two long ropes spinning in opposite directions), Hari Won regretted it.

Both went through a complete training and recording process. Project Dancing Heart broadcast on ST Son Thach’s YouTube channel.

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