Ngoc Son cooks fried shrimp rice and distributes rice to people at the 400 billion villa


Ngoc Son has just established his own company headquartered at Millennium Villa (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City). This is the first time he held an important event at his home since 1997.

The presentation had many artists attending such as: Dong Giao – Hoang Chau couple, Quach Tuan Du, Kha Nhu…

Before the event, Ngoc Son was nervous all night and woke up early to prepare. He personally cooked a buffet for guests including white rice served with fried shrimp according to his late mother’s recipe, receiving many compliments.

Ngoc Son on the big day.

The 6X singer shares her passion for planting trees, gardening, and raising chickens because she has been associated with farming since childhood. Growing up, he always had special affection for farmers, composing and releasing music videos Love the farmers.

“I pity them, their hands and feet are covered in mud, their heads are dark and their faces are dark, they sell their faces to the earth and their backs to the sky to produce food and food to serve their people,” Ngoc Son said.

Therefore, when entering the business field, “Mr. Ba” always cherishes the dream of accompanying and supporting Vietnamese farmers. Establishing your own company is part of that desire.

“Mr. Ba” is close to the female assistant at the event.

On the occasion of introducing the new company, Ngoc Son donated rice to people as a familiar activity. Every year he does charity work, participates in natural disaster relief, and distributes dozens of tons of rice and cash from his personal income. The artist revealed that a part of the company’s products and revenue will serve charitable purposes.

Ngoc Son assigned his adopted son S Quang Ngoc the position of General Director, and his student Do Minh Quan as Financial Director.

“I will be the legal representative of the company, with full control and responsibility for decisions. I will only be there to observe and give comments if Ngoc needs it,” he told VietNamNet.

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Ngoc Son distributed rice to people.

Ngoc Son further shared that this is just a family company, with over 10 employees, not as ‘formidable’ as the audience thinks. The appointment of S Quang Ngoc as General Director mainly has an encouraging and emotional meaning; In addition, I hope that my adopted son will take over volunteer activities when he is no longer in this world.

In him, S Quang Ngoc is young but talented, has a good personality, is quiet but works hard, and has achieved many achievements in different fields. Do Minh Quan is also a filial person who respects his teacher.

MV ‘Loving the Farmer’

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