Hoai Lam’s ex-wife confirmed that she had never broken up with Dat G and had been quietly together for the past 3 years


Recently, on her personal page, Cindy Lu – Hoai Lam’s ex-wife posted a photo of her and her two happy children with male rapper Dat G. The beauty said the couple was quietly together, taking care of their two children. her stepdaughter for the past 3 years.

“Thank you for silently accompanying me in raising and taking care of the children, from eating, drinking, to studying for the past 3 years, and thank you for always following the philosophy of ‘giving children a full childhood. love when growing up. We love you'”.

Dat G will be present at Cindy Lu’s two children’s birthday in November 2023.

Cindy Lu also emphasized that she is not too concerned about public opinion’s reaction to the couple’s love story.

“The only goal I have always aimed for and must achieve is to give the children the fullest and most prosperous life possible.

Thank you to everyone who has supported or not. I just want to say that me and the children are happy now, and I also wish everyone to always be happy and peaceful.”

Notably, when an audience mentioned Hoai Lam, Cindy Lu did not hesitate to answer: “Everyone has their own happiness, my friend, and I think everyone deserves to be happy.”

Hoai Lam’s ex-wife confirmed that the two have been “quietly together” for the past 3 years.

A few days ago, ex-wife Hoai Lam and Dat G were questioned about reuniting when they continuously revealed intimate pictures together. This status line of Cindy Lu became the answer to questions from the audience about her love story with the male rapper.

Dat G and his ex-wife Hoai Lam publicly dated in May 2021. The couple also posted many photos and “kind words” for each other. However, under public pressure, in December 2021, the two confirmed that they had “went their separate ways”.

Hoai Lam's ex-wife confirmed that she had never broken up with Dat G and had been quietly together for the past 3 years - Photo 4.

Cindy Lu affirmed that Dat G has always taken care of her two stepchildren with her.

Dat G said: “Yes, we stopped for a while. We both still texted and asked about each other’s lives. But everything from now on, everyone keeps focusing on Dat G, everyone does their own thing. He has his own life. , and the children too. I don’t want to involve you.”

Meanwhile, Hoai Lam’s ex-wife also affirmed: “I’m sorry that there are still many things we can’t accomplish together, we all have our own big problems, anyway, the current me is already the best version, let’s continue like that.

I hope you will be more successful and more complete. Thank you for always treating me so well. It’s true that through the mistakes of youth, we will improve and become more mature.”

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