Lisa had to pay to attend her boyfriend’s birthday party, so she decided to return to Crazy Horse to please the young master’s family?


Recently, social networks were buzzing with information that Lisa (BLACKPINK) moved to France on the plane of her rumored boyfriend’s family to attend CEO Frédéric Arnault’s birthday. Fans also caught Lisa shopping at the Celine brand store where she is an ambassador with a happy and comfortable demeanor amid suspicions of being “assassinated” and also squashing rumors that she broke up with her billionaire boyfriend.

However, Chinese media recently reported rumors about the truth behind Lisa attending the CEO’s boyfriend’s birthday.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is said to have traveled by private jet to attend her CEO’s boyfriend’s birthday in France

Specifically, media site Sohu said that entertainment reporters revealed that the third son of the Louis Vuitton family – Frédéric Arnault no longer had much love for Lisa and did not even send her an invitation to attend. birthday party. On the contrary, Lisa had to use her connections to buy other people’s invitations at a high price.

Not only that, this entertainment reporter also revealed that there are rumors that Lisa seems to be preparing to return to Crazy Horse again to please some people in the European and American entertainment world and the young man’s boyfriend’s family. This performance at Crazy Horse may also be grander and larger than the previous 5 performances.

However, Sohu news site also emphasized that the information from this entertainment reporter is unofficial and is just a rumor without confirmation.

Chinese site Sohu reported rumors that Lisa had to pay to buy back an invitation to attend her billionaire boyfriend’s birthday.

Previously, Chinese media’s Sina news site gave quite contrary information. Specifically, this news site said that Lisa moved to France on the CEO’s boyfriend’s private jet. Because the other side is under a lot of pressure and stress, Frédéric Arnault has psychologically arranged for the BLACKPINK members to avoid scrutiny and be as comfortable as possible.

A flight attendant who met Lisa on the plane revealed that Lisa looked tired and was rejected when asked to take a photo with the Thai star. On the other hand, Sina also said that a person close to the couple revealed it “During the most difficult times, her boyfriend was always by Lisa’s side.”

Lisa had to pay to attend her boyfriend's birthday party, so she decided to return to Crazy Horse to please the young master's family? - Photo 3.

Lisa’s cheerful and radiant demeanor when seen at the Celine brand store in France

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