Nha Phuong was sobbingly praised in Love Before the Wedding


After two weeks of airing the first episodes, Love before the wedding day became a movie title that caused a lot of controversy surrounding the performances of the two main actors, Song Luan and Minh Trang. If Minh Trang was criticized for lacking emotion in her dialogue, Song Luan was much better. He was praised for both his acting and appearance, but his charisma was said to not be that of a successful general in his career. In addition, the main couple’s complicated relationship also makes viewers feel confused.

Minh Trang and Song Luan

Currently, the person who surprises the audience the most about her acting is… Nha Phuong. In the movie, her role is the main one, she plays Minh Anh, Huy Hoang’s (Song Luan) girlfriend of 10 years. After the first episodes of Love Before the Wedding, the audience felt extremely confused by Huy Hoang’s attitude towards his girlfriend. Even though they were still together, his feelings had completely cooled down, always showing his discomfort with Minh Anh. Even though she more or less felt this, Minh Anh still tried to hold on by planning her own wedding and trying to score points with her lover’s subordinates.


Nha Phuong’s eye acting received compliments from the audience

Currently, the audience has many compliments for Nha Phuong’s acting. Many comments said that her performance was outstanding, overwhelming the main couple in scenes together. Nha Phuong’s eyes when character Minh Anh realized Huy Hoang’s strange attitude but still tried to act normal to save the relationship on the verge of collapse, really surprised the audience.


Comments from the audience

In the past, Nha Phuong caused a lot of controversy about her acting. Overly expressive, exaggerated acting, only good at acting in awkward crying scenes,… are comments from the audience about Nha Phuong’s acting throughout many years of her career. But now, she has improved a lot, her acting makes the audience more comfortable, no longer exaggerated and too tense like before.


The crying scene then and now shows Nha Phuong’s expressive moderation

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