In the morning, go buy a house for hundreds of billions, and in the afternoon, buy branded goods without looking at the price


Dao Hy Nhi’s day is not only an energetic journey but also an exciting experience that many women desire. As a hot vlogger with nearly 500,000 followers on Weibo and nearly 10 million likes on Douyin – a Chinese social media platform, each video shared by Dao Hy Nhi receives endless compliments.

With confidence, beauty and sophisticated style, Dao Hy Nhi has proven that beauty not only comes from the outside but also shines from experience and understanding from the inside. Each of Dao Hy Nhi’s videos are her daily activities, no need for formal planning, simply sharing everyday happy moments is enough to make many people admire.

From taking care of herself with morning yoga exercises to choosing outfits that reflect elegance, the 30-year-old beauty always attracts viewers with her gentle, elegant beauty. Giving up her job in finance, Dao Hy Nhi pursued a media job, participating in a digital content creation platform but did not forget to take good care of her family.

A rich woman in her 30s with “real products at real prices” belongs to the zodiac sign Cancer – typically a family woman. But she does not forget to take care of her spiritual life, balancing everything in life very well. Let’s try to see what’s interesting in the 1-day schedule of beauty Dao Hy Nhi.

Try being “taken care of” by your best friend for a day.

In a shared video, Dao Hy Nhi visited her close friend in Hangzhou. It’s true that “wherever the wind meets the cloud”, talented and beautiful people who are close to each other double their “visual” and smell of luxury.

In the morning, Dao Hy Nhi’s best friend came to pick her up in a supercar and the two of them went to see the house together. This is the house that her best friend bought in one go with a value of 6,000 thousand (nearly 200 billion VND), two people came over to work with the architect.

Of course, a day meeting with rich friends cannot lack shopping. Dao Hy Nhi and her friends swept through the shopping center, buying things without looking at the price, just seeing what they liked.

All brands have afternoon tea rooms, and then sellers will introduce high-end jewelry. Dao Hy Nhi said that small diamonds from luxury brands are not worth much. However, jewelry sets are also attractive to women like you. The rich woman’s money is easy to make. In just a moment, they bought a necklace worth nearly 800,000 (equivalent to nearly 2.7 billion). In addition to handbags and jewelry, Dao Hy Nhi also buys a lot of clothes from brands like Dior, Miu Miu,…

The 30-year-old lady continued to experience Fine Dining (a luxury dinner) with close friends at a Japanese restaurant. The cost per person is about 7 million VND/person. After dinner, the two continued to go to the spa at “Love Story” – an extremely luxurious and expensive place.

A rich woman’s day out playing golf with her rich husband

Enjoying the high life, vlogger Dao Hy Nhi does not forget to experience the pleasures considered “signature” sports that the rich often play, such as playing golf. The family’s 1,200 square meter mansion also has a golf room, but Dao Hy Nhi also regularly has golf outings with her husband.

Also in a vlog shared on Douyin, Dao Hy Nhi cleverly boasted that her husband’s friend plays golf very well. “You once won the world championship” – A very clever statement that flatters her husband and “flexes” her ability to make friends with him. I don’t know if this statement is true or just teasing her husband, but this also shows that Dao Hy Nhi’s husband is also a real golfer, not a mediocre one.

The golf room at Dao Hy Nhi and his wife’s house is very large. Along with that, the golf club collection is also not average. The two of them also used double golf bags.

It seems that this is a sport that Dao Hy Nhi and her husband have participated in for quite a while. After playing enough strokes, she also connected the phone to her husband’s watch to see health indicators. This system is like in a golf machine at home, the number of clubs and health information are all updated very modernly. After a round of golf, the couple will go out to eat at a high-end Japanese restaurant. This also shows her husband’s affection for her, because Dao Hy Nhi loves to eat Japanese food.

Another normal day…

Most of the videos shared are Dao Hy Nhi’s daily activities, along with individual activities that she edits and shares with everyone. For example, celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, or welcoming longtime fans to visit your home,…

Even at home, it seems that the 30-year-old beauty’s schedule is very busy. For example, when she wakes up in the morning, she will brew a cup of black goji berries with the machine to drink. If she doesn’t drink filtered water in the morning, she will drink this type of water. Perhaps this is the secret to beautifying the skin of a 30-year-old beauty. Place a vase of flowers to decorate the space to make the space more fresh.

After that, Dao Hy Nhi will welcome the family’s personal doctor to check her pulse. She will also instruct her to cook a beauty dish that Chinese women often use, brown sugar and eggs. After cooking, eat while watching movies on wireless TV by the lake and enjoying the fresh air.

After eating, what do you do to spend your rice? Dao Hy Nhi unpacked a pile of new items delivered to her house, and by the way, even bought architectural books for reference, because she was in need of renovating the garden.

Next, she will exercise a little according to the instructions of the exercise machine and relax with the massage machine. After resting a bit, I will instruct the family chef to prepare the food. After enjoying a cozy meal with her husband, she will play with her son.

Just like that, the daily life of a 30-year-old rich woman from Suzhou is shared through videos. Many women long for her idyllic life and admire her happy, wealthy family. Although life is very different, Dao Hy Nhi’s videos have opened the eyes of many people and inspired many women to enjoy life to the fullest in their own way.

The article is in Vietnamese

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