My wife doesn’t want to devote herself to me anymore

My wife doesn’t want to devote herself to me anymore
My wife doesn’t want to devote herself to me anymore

I am 36 years old, married for 13 years, at first life was difficult but my husband and I still loved each other, now everything has changed.

When my second child was born, due to the nature of my work, I didn’t spend time taking care of my wife, so she was almost depressed. Furthermore, my wife didn’t tell me and just endured it alone. I just focus on work, then live normally, ignoring my wife. In the past half year, due to business failure, my husband and I had many arguments, making her feel insulted and hurt. I thought it was just normal arguments until one day my wife told me to divorce, then I realized I didn’t care for her too much.

Now my wife hates me, says she no longer has feelings for me, and looks at me with horror. Whenever I get close she gets angry, no matter how much she begs she is not satisfied. My wife’s personality is stubborn, so it’s hard for anyone to change her. My wife told me that I always say I love her and need her, but I don’t care about her feelings, I don’t protect and protect my wife, I have to take care of all the housework, so I can do anything so I don’t need her anymore. , divorce is the best.

Wife said she wants to live for herself, not for anyone else, and wants to be free. No matter how wrong I admit, she still won’t accept it. What should I do?

Quoc Quan

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