We Must Be Happy is a total disappointment because the content is so bad


Besides the two movies currently airing on VTV, Us 8 Years Later and Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married Just One Reason The current primetime wave has another work that is not of much interest to the audience, that is We Must Be Happy. This movie aired on VTV1 channel but was not heavily promoted.

The film revolves around a group of friends who went to university together named Chuoi Hot. 17 years after graduating, they had the opportunity to fully reunite. From here, the story of the group of friends as well as each person’s life situation unfolds in many different directions. Everyone has their own feelings and life is not perfect.

The five main actors of We Must Be Happy

After airing for the first weeks, We Must Be Happy Not receiving much attention from the audience, it also received a lot of mixed comments from viewers. The class reunion scene at the beginning of the movie attracted the most interactions on social networking platforms but also caused a lot of controversy. After watching, the audience left disparaging comments that the script was too exaggerated, the content and dialogue were like self-produced clips by non-professional crews on social networks.

Vietnamese primetime movies are disappointing because the content is so bad, netizens complain right from the casting stage? - Photo 3.

In particular, the point that makes the audience most confused is the cast in the film. Names like Thanh Thuc, Vinh Xuong, Dinh Y Nhung, Linh Son, Ngo Phuong Anh,… all performed very well. Their capabilities have been proven through many previous works. The issue the audience is concerned about is the actor’s age.

In the film, the 5 actors mentioned above play classmates in the same course, who have been out of school for 17 years. Even though we know that the age difference between college friends is understandable, looking at this cast, the audience still feels it’s so wrong. The most special thing is the 16 year age difference between artist Vinh Xuong and co-star Ngo Phuong Anh. Phuong Anh does not look like a U40 woman who has graduated 17 years from school, while artist Vinh Xuong looks older than his age because of his beard. This makes some scenes where they look more like… father and son than friends.

Vietnamese primetime movies are disappointing because the content is so bad, netizens complain right from the casting stage? - Photo 4.

Comments from the audience

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