A beauty contest was discontinued


License to organize the Miss Ecology Teen Vietnam 2023 contest

Specifically, on the afternoon of November 20, the organizer of the Miss Eco Teen Vietnam 2023 (Miss Eco Teen) contest, Bellalove Company, announced “to stop organizing the contest to focus on the new plan”.

Previously, after announcing the launch of the contest (from July 25 and the contest’s final is expected to take place this December), the Miss Vietnam Teenage Ecology 2023 contest was requested by the authorities. The request was temporarily suspended due to a copyright dispute over the name of the contest.

More than 2 months of suspension to review and coordinate with relevant agencies and units to verify petitions and competition copyright dispute documents, on July 25, the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Dong Nai announced that “the contest organizers can continue to organize the Miss Vietnam Teenage Ecology 2023 contest as originally planned”.

However, instead of continuing to organize the contest as permitted by the authorities, the contest organizers decided to stop the contest altogether. Talking about their plans, the organizers of Miss Eco Teen Vietnam 2023 briefly shared “will focus on other plans”.

Specifically, Bellalove company said it will search and train potential contestants who have enough ambition and will to participate in international competitions in the following seasons. As for domestic competitions, Bellalove affirmed that it depends on the actual situation.

Competition ambassador Bella Vu

In addition, the contest organizers also thanked the audience for their support and companionship over the past time.

When launching the contest in July, Bella Vu was chosen as the ambassador to promote the contest by promoting the image of Cat Tien National Park (Dong Nai) to more people, especially young people. youth.


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