While watching a cartoon, there’s an ad, a boy acts ‘hot as ice cream’


Recently, netizens have been passing around a clip recording a remarkable moment of a little boy while watching TV in the living room.

According to the recorded clip, the boy and another boy sat watching cartoons in the living room. While watching, the TV suddenly switched to commercials, making the boy angry.

While watching a cartoon, an advertisement appeared, the boy quickly jumped up and ran towards the TV

Next, this boy immediately ran next to the TV, then used an iron bar and hit the screen hard. Immediately, the TV screen went dark, and the boy “froze” for a few seconds after realizing that the TV had been destroyed by him. The entire incident was recorded by security cameras in the house.

Immediately after that, the boy used an iron bar to hit the TV screen hard
While watching a cartoon, an advertisement appeared, the boy took an action that caused fans to quickly remind their parents Photo 3
The boy “froze” after making a big mistake

Immediately after appearing on social networks, the clip immediately received a lot of attention from the online community. A lot of discussions have been raised around this incident.

Accordingly, a part of netizens wondered how the boy would be punished by his parents when he destroyed the family’s valuable TV. After this incident, did the boy realize his mistake and correct it?

Besides, another part of netizens said that through the boy’s actions, parents need to pay more attention and closely monitor their children. Because, clearly, a child who is too hot-tempered and has destructive, uncontrolled actions like this needs to be trained, otherwise when he grows up, this personality will be ingrained in the child and cause problems. Bad stories later.

Currently, this clip is still receiving a lot of attention and discussion from netizens.

The article is in Vietnamese

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