Hong Van was ‘shocked’ at the young musician’s request to get married after only 1 day of meeting


Hoang Tuan Minh revealed that his wife broke up with him 50 times, surprising Hong Van

Programme Young couple Episode 534 aired with Hong Van listening to the marriage story of musician couple Nhan Thien Phat (stage name Hoang Tuan Minh – 28 years old) and MC Nguyen Thi Mong Cam (stage name Nhu Quynh – 24 years old). Hoang Tuan Minh is known as a musician who composed more than 300 songs within 4 months, which was established as a Guinness Vietnam record.

According to reports, the couple knew each other through a friend. Specifically, during a performance in Binh Thuan, Hoang Tuan Minh was matched by a friend with Mong Cam and called them both to get acquainted. While chatting via video call, Mong Cam gave many compliments to Tuan Minh, making him extremely impressed and trying to make Facebook friends but she did not agree.

Hong Van was 'shocked' at the young musician asking to get married after only 1 day of meeting - Photo 2.

Hoang Tuan Minh is known for many songs such as Love between husband and wife, Impromptu bolero, Sending you off with your husband

When asked about the reason for rejecting Tuan Minh’s request to get to know each other, the wife humorously shared: “At that time, I only praised “good morning”. I just broke up with my lover and am lazy to meet new people. But this guy kept texting and trying to make friends, so I just talked.”

Chatting via social networks for 1 month, the two officially met at a birthday party. Falling in love at first sight the first time they met, the young musician continuously flirted but was “ignored” by the beauty.

However, Hoang Tuan Minh still persistently pursued and sought to “dump” his wife. He said: “After her birthday night, my wife had a performance in Long Thanh (Dong Nai). My house is in Ho Chi Minh City, and her house is in Dong Nai. I was still determined to go down and take Cam there. I sat and waited from 8 am to 2 pm then took her home. I even called my mother and said I wanted to have a wedding. We’ve only known each other for a day and I already want to get married. My parents were surprised, thinking “this guy is crazy or something, asking to get married”, but still told me to take her home to meet her.”

Hong Van was 'shocked' at the young musician asking to get married after only 1 day of meeting - Photo 3.

Even though they wanted to get married just one day after meeting, it took 2 years for the couple to get married

Just surprised to hear Tuan Minh share the story of wanting to get married after 1 day of meeting, Hong Van continued to be surprised to hear the couple reveal that they had argued and broken up dozens of times before holding a wedding. Even every time the two broke up, Tuan Minh’s mother had to be the one to reconcile. After 2 years of courtship, the couple “came home together” last year.

Sharing about her married life, Mong Cam constantly “exposed” her husband right on television about him being too messy, hot-tempered and “fussy”. She caused laughter when sharing: “He often competes with each other for food.” Me, I win whatever I like. In my house I’m like a man, and he’s a woman, we switched genders. He likes flashy red, every time he goes to a party he has to wear sequins, pomegranate seeds, sparkling. I went to a party together and thought he was the main character.” Not to be outdone, Tuan Minh badmouthed his wife for being jealous, controlling, rude, and loud.

Hong Van was 'shocked' at the young musician asking to get married after only 1 day of meeting - Photo 4.

Tuan Minh and Mong Cam revealed their married life, making the two MCs laugh out loud

Listening to the couple’s love and marriage story, Hong Van – Quoc Thuan laughed many times with excitement but also full of admiration for the sincere feelings of both of them to have such a perfect ending like the present.

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