The actor was cheated by his wife of 40 billion and had 6 children who were not biological


The most miserable actor in showbiz is named Trieu Kinh

Accordingly, netizens call movie star Luong Son Ba – Chuc Anh Dai the most miserable actor in showbiz. His wife ran away with 40 billion dong in savings, people laughed at her for accepting “shedding”, U50 worked hard, being a single father raising 6 non-biological children.

Trieu Kinh’s life (in Taiwan – China) has been very “circumstantial” since childhood. Trieu Kinh lives with his father, but his father is not a responsible man for his children.

Since childhood, he promised himself “to try to change his life when he grows up”. With the advantage of appearance and talented singing voice, Trieu Kinh was quickly sought after by the boss and joined the entertainment industry. While at the peak of his career, Trieu Kinh’s father suddenly passed away.

Even though his father did not take care of him, for Trieu Kinh, his father was the fulcrum. His death caused Trieu Kinh to suffer from mental illness and was unable to continue filming normally as before.

The actor must undergo psychological treatment. Around this time, Trieu Kinh met Lam Han De, his future wife. Lam Han De’s appearance helps him return to his previous peaceful life. Lam Han De is a single mother, with 5 marriages and 6 children.

Despite the age difference, Trieu Kinh did not pay attention and approached her with sincere feelings. The two got married and built a happy family together. Besides, Trieu Kinh also made efforts to return to the art of acting, not hesitating to take on large and small roles to earn a living and raise his family, helping his wife raise 6 non-biological children.

Trieu Kinh and his wife Lam Han De

However, taking advantage of her husband’s love and love for charity, Lam Han De took 50 million Taiwan dollars (equivalent to about 40 billion VND) and disappeared. More importantly, Lam Han De passed away alone and left behind 6 children. Relatives advised him to take 6 children to an orphanage, but Trieu Kinh refused because “children are not guilty”.

Even though he was not his biological child and fell into a state of depression because he lost everything, Trieu Kinh still devoted all his heart and soul, even having to borrow money to raise his child. He said “I went through a difficult childhood and did not want to see children going through the same difficulties as me in the past”.

Currently, Trieu Kinh and his six children still live happily and warmly together. His children understand and appreciate their father’s feelings, efforts to study and develop their careers when they grow up.

Actor was cheated by his wife of 40 billion, 6 children are not biological - Photo 4.

Trieu Kinh of the present

At the age of U50, Trieu Kinh chose to live alone due to the “wound” from a heartbreaking marriage. However, he still maintains his honesty, optimism, and spends time on work and sports activities. Thanks to this positive lifestyle, Trieu Kinh still maintains a youthful demeanor and shows no signs of aging, even though he has entered middle age with life events.

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