Cheap dishes are super satisfying, popular dishes are disappointing

Cheap dishes are super satisfying, popular dishes are disappointing
Cheap dishes are super satisfying, popular dishes are disappointing

Like many women, blogger Ha Truc also has a strong passion for shopping. Not only does she love luxury brands, she also loves shopping for local brands and affordable cosmetics. Recently, this female blogger shared a series of reviews of items purchased on TikTok Shop. The products she reviews in this series are mostly cosmetics, clothing and a few daily household items.

With experience shopping and using many types of cosmetics, Ha Truc’s reviews and comments may help women have more suggestions and advice if they intend to buy these products.

First is the bottle of lotion…. Ha Truc decided to buy this product because it received many positive reviews on TikTok and sold very well. After massaging the product on her skin and rinsing with water, Ha Truc noticed that the product stuck to her skin and was difficult to clean. Ha Truc believes that the product has not really convinced her to continue using it, but women can still choose it if it suits their needs.

The second product reviewed by Ha Truc is the blue flower bucket hat. She praised the soft material and convenient design that allows the strap to be removed from the hat. It seems that Ha Truc is extremely satisfied with this product.

The first makeup item to appear in this series is Colorkey lip balm. She praised the smooth, easy-to-whip cream texture, but the color in the photo is somewhat different than in real life. Besides, this product’s ability to retain color does not last up to 8 hours as advertised.

The white turtleneck shirt from local brand Mia Ritta also seems to please Ha Truc. She said she really likes short and lace shirts because they are both feminine and create the illusion of a taller figure.

If you are looking for a cheap eyeliner pencil with stable quality, you can refer to the AKF pen line. Ha Truc commented that this product has quite good quality, does not smudge, but the price is only 148k, so it is worth buying for use.

The next cosmetic item that Ha Truc ”recommend” is the ZA tone primer and moisturizer. She currently owns 2 versions in pink and purple, however Ha Truc prefers the purple product because it has the ability to “treat” yellowness on the skin better. In addition, when applied to the skin, this product gives a smooth and well-hydrated base.

The next product is a pair of high-waisted shapewear that helps cover the lower abdomen and is suitable for wearing when wearing a tight dress. Ha Truc bought this product for 99k. After using it, she felt that the quality of the pants was suitable for the price but was not really convinced because the contour of the pants could cause discomfort when moving.

A box of Oshirma White Body cream was bought by Ha Truc to try because she saw them being heavily advertised and going viral on TikTok. However, after buying it, the female blogger said that she did not like the cream and scent of this product.

The last product that Ha Truc reviewed was a canvas bag for storing jeans. The bag is divided into several compartments to make storing pants easier. However, the bag material is a bit rickety so it could not get maximum points from her.

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