Being criticized for being a bad female lead, the audience only wanted a sad ending

Being criticized for being a bad female lead, the audience only wanted a sad ending
Being criticized for being a bad female lead, the audience only wanted a sad ending

Di Ai Vi Doanh which is a work that many audiences have been waiting for. Remember when it first aired, the movie attracted a lot of attention and was quite popular. But until now, Bach Loc and Vuong Hac De’s project is facing many negative comments.

There are two most important reasons leading to this Di Ai Vi Doanh What lost the audience’s love was Bach Loc’s unconvincing acting and the female lead Trinh Thu Y’s poor character setting. Some viewers were even so angry that they expected that at the end of the movie, Thoi Yen would “kick” Trinh Thu Y.

A few notable comments:

– Reading the story, it’s not like this, huhu. Reading the story, I clearly felt that the female lead was in love without knowing it, and having her number blocked was very painful and hopeless, not like this in the movie. I don’t understand what else. Especially the dialogue between the female lead and Mrs. San San, it sounds so ridiculous, even from the facial expressions. In the story, the dialogue with Tat Nhuoc San is very good, just like a friend giving enthusiastic advice to his friend’s son, but very naive and childish, but in the movie it looks like it was not done properly.

– Douban’s score is only 4, maybe even lower to win the top with My Human Fire Smoke. Even though I like the main actor very much, I still can’t absorb the content of this movie.

– After reading the book and watching the movie, I felt frustrated because of the script.

– That incident of letting go of Thoi Yen’s hand when he accidentally met a friend named San, I swear, if the male lead let go of the female lead’s hand like that, see if he would be sacrificed alive. That’s why this movie is a failure, from a highly anticipated movie to now it’s getting worse and worse.

– As much as possible, make a BE opposite of the female lead. If you have an elite boyfriend who doesn’t dare to reveal it publicly, you’ll still be sneaky. Avoiding it when meeting friends is better than having an affair secretly. The more I watch, the more I dislike the female lead. Because of love, the miserable man thinks about everything for her. The movie is so weird, no wonder it’s a flop, Douban’s score is decreasing day by day.

– The plot is bad, the dialogue is awkward and Mr. Bach’s acting is unbearably boring.

The movie Di Ai Vi Doanh starring Vuong Hac De and Bach Loc is currently being shown on Mango TV.

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