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Traffic police check the alcohol concentration of traffic participants

The pain is hard to ease

The small, shabby, old house of Mr. Nguyen Van Nga (61 years old) is located deep on a dirt, muddy road in Lo Gach hamlet, Vinh Tri commune, Vinh Hung district, Long An province. Inside the house there were no valuable items other than a round stainless steel table and a few plastic chairs. The son’s photo is temporarily placed on an old table in the middle of the house. Every time he looks at his son’s photo, Mr. Nga has tears in his eyes. The heartbreaking incident happened more than a year ago, but to this day, the pain of losing his son and two grandchildren has not subsided. Mr. Nga said: “For more than a year, I have not had a good night’s sleep. Every time I take a nap, the figures of my son and two grandchildren appear before my eyes.”

Mr. Nga pulled his sleeve, wiped the tears rolling down his cheeks and said: “On the afternoon of September 13, 2022, my son Tuan Anh was riding a motorbike with two children, Tran Thi Nhi (12 years old) and Tran Quoc. Khanh (6 years old) moved from home to Dong Nai province to live with her parents. While traveling on Highway 51, he collided with a truck turning onto the road leading to the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway. Tuan Anh and my two grandchildren died on the spot.”

Sitting next to Mr. Nga, Ms. Dang Thi Hue (Mr. Nga’s daughter, 32 years old, mother of Nhi and Khanh) could not suppress her heartache. “My husband and I both work as workers in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province. That day, when the school announced that it would accept Nhi and Khanh to study, my husband and I were so happy that we asked Mr. Tuan Anh (Ms. Hue’s biological brother, a worker with her and her husband) to drive his motorbike back to his hometown to help the two children. up to enroll. In the afternoon, while I was still at work, I received a phone call informing me that my brother and his two children had a traffic accident. At that moment, my heart seemed to stop beating. Nearly 10 minutes later, when I regained my composure, I called my husband, then ran to the scene. My brother and two children were taken to the hospital but passed away forever” – Ms. Hue choked.

Mr. Tuan Anh is the breadwinner in the family. Since his death, Mr. Nga has had to take care of everything in the house and take care of Ms. Huynh Thi Thu (65 years old, his wife), who is sick and often has to be hospitalized for treatment. treat. Previously, all family expenses depended on the amount of about 5 million VND/month sent home by Mr. Tuan Anh, but now it is no longer available. Every day, Mr. Nga works as a hired laborer, his income is unstable. On days when no one hires him, he cuts water hyacinths to sell for about 200,000 VND/day. “This small amount of money is not enough to cover daily living expenses, let alone take care of medicine for Mrs. Thu and the education of her three grandchildren” – Mr. Nga shared.

When it comes to the traffic accident that killed three mothers and children in Can Giuoc district, many people are still shocked. At around 4:00 p.m. on October 17, 2022, many people were traveling on the road in Long Hau commune when they heard a “bang” and turned around to see a tanker truck colliding with an electric bicycle, killing 1 woman and 2 children. (6 and 8 years old) died. The image of Mr. TVH, the husband and father of the three victims, upon hearing the news that his wife and children had suffered a traffic accident, ran to the scene, knelt down and cried in pain and despair, making many people feel sad. Knowing the information about the accident, authorities at all levels came to offer condolences, visit and support the family. Many people have mobilized donations to help Mr. TVH take care of his wife and children.

At Long An General Hospital, Mr. D.QT (born 1989, residing in Ben Luc district) was treated for traumatic brain injury due to a traffic accident. Sitting next to the hospital bed taking care of her child, the over 60 year old mother’s face clearly showed fatigue and confusion after a long period of insomnia. She was heartbroken as she watched her child become more and more emaciated, having to fight for his life on the hospital bed. “My son was originally healthy, full of enthusiasm, dreams and ambitions, but because of a traffic accident, he became like this” – the mother said with tears in her eyes.

It must be done decisively and synchronously

“In order to reduce traffic accidents on all three criteria, we must do it decisively, but doing something “exciting” is not good and ineffective. Traffic Safety Committees in localities, especially where traffic accidents suddenly increase, must meet to analyze and clarify the causes, limitations, and shortcomings, from there, develop plans, solutions, and analysis. specific tasks for each agency and unit. In this work, we must highlight the role and responsibility in leadership and direction of the leader” – Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee – Nguyen Minh Lam emphasized in an online conference with localities on the work of ensuring order. , Traffic safety May 9, 2023.

To reduce traffic accidents, it is not only the traffic police who patrol, control and punish, but there must be a synchronous solution.

In the first 9 months of 2023, the provincial police force will sanction over 11,000 cases of alcohol violation (an increase of nearly 80% compared to the same period in 2022). In addition, the situation of encroachment on roadsides, sidewalks, spontaneous markets, traffic order in front of school gates still occurs and poses many potential risks of causing traffic accidents, etc.

Colonel Tran Van Ha – Deputy Director of Provincial Police

Along with persistently building traffic culture, Mr. Nguyen Minh Lam also noted strengthening inspection and inspection work and resolutely handling violations of traffic order and safety; Continue to carry out inspection, control, and handling of overloaded, oversized vehicles, speeding, and alcohol violations while driving; Maintaining and repairing traffic infrastructure is associated with reviewing and completely handling “black spots” that pose many potential risks of traffic accidents.

According to Colonel Tran Van Ha – Deputy Director of the Provincial Police, to reduce traffic accidents, it is not only the traffic police who patrol, control and punish, but there must be synchronous solutions, drastic and active involvement. of all levels, sectors and people’s awareness of law observance. “When I go out on the road, sometimes I encounter a situation where I’m driving a vehicle but I’m very unaware. There are even cases where you are driving and suddenly stop to answer the phone without knowing that this can easily cause a traffic accident. When reminded by passersby, these people still argued and resisted” – Colonel Tran Van Ha said.

Recently, the province established an interdisciplinary inspection team on ensuring order and traffic safety. Through inspection in Ben Luc district, the delegation pointed out subjective causes that easily lead to traffic accidents such as markets and businesses encroaching on roadsides, sidewalks, and traffic safety corridors; driving vehicles in the wrong lane, speeding, going in the opposite direction, running red lights; Complicated traffic situation at school gates;…

Colonel Tran Van Ha suggested some solutions to ensure traffic safety for Ben Luc district to resolve traffic pressure in the area, creating positive changes and breakthroughs. According to the Colonel, the district needs to strengthen propaganda of traffic safety laws among workers; Survey and research, install additional surveillance cameras at some complicated traffic safety points. At the same time, the district needs to consider deploying and piloting a number of new models, methods, and ways of ensuring traffic order and safety suitable for each subject such as students, workers, people, and characteristics. situation.

Local police forces strengthen inspection and inspection of traffic order and safety

“Propaganda work must be made easy for people to understand and remember. At the grassroots level, it is necessary to promote the role of reputable people to propagate and mobilize people to comply with traffic safety laws. District police can research and deploy traffic safety experiences for people. Thereby, in addition to propagating and disseminating legal knowledge, it also guides people in safe traffic skills” – Colonel Tran Van Ha emphasized.

In Tan An City, from December 14, 2022 to October 14, 2023, there were 26 road traffic accidents, killing 9 people, injuring 16 people, and property damage of nearly 400 million VND. Authorities made records of over 3,500 cases of violations of traffic order and safety. Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Phuoc – Head of Tan An City Police, said: “In order to ensure order and traffic safety, Tan An City invested in a Smart Operation Center with a traffic surveillance camera system installed at 22 key intersection in the area. The system has been put into operation since October 10, 2023, contributing to raising awareness of traffic participants and reducing traffic accidents.”

There are many causes of traffic accidents, but contributing to limiting accidents must start with the awareness of traffic participants. Along with the involvement of the political system and solutions from the authorities, when driving, each person should always remember that in front of the steering wheel is the life and safety of themselves and others, thereby strictly complying with the law. law, participating in traffic in a cultural manner, ensuring safety./.

According to the report of the Provincial Traffic Safety Committee, in the first 9 months of 2023, the whole province had 131 traffic accidents, killing 93 people, injuring 62 people, and property damage of 841 million VND (of which, 1 waterway traffic accident resulted in death). 1 person; the rest are by road). Compared to the same period in 2022, traffic accidents increased by 37 cases, with 33 deaths and 13 injuries.

Le Duc

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