The thrilling life of Hong Kong’s ‘smartest Little Dragon Girl’


Actor Mr. Tinh Tinh, born in Vietnam, is called “the most untouchable woman” in Hong Kong.

According to St Headline, an actress and lawyer, recently attracted attention when she created a YouTube channel to talk about her experiences at work. Chinese media called Tinh Tinh “The most difficult woman to touch”, because of her sharpness and intelligence. Mr. Tinh Tinh’s past journey is considered as thrilling as a novel.

She was born in 1964 in Saigon, to an American father and a Chinese mother. Mr. Tinh Tinh’s father and grandfather were rich. When he was less than a year old, his parents divorced, Mr. Tinh Tinh followed his mother to live in Hong Kong.

Mr. Tinh Tinh in his youth. Image: St Headline

At the age of 12, Mr. Tinh Tinh sent photos to a film crew to find an opportunity to enter the entertainment industry. Thanks to her sweet beauty, she caught the attention of directors and acted in movies with Truong Quoc Vinh and Tran Bach Cuong. In 1983, Mr. Tinh Tinh and Truong Quoc Vinh starred in a movie Duong Qua and Tieu Long Nu. Above MP Weekly, Mr. Tinh Tinh revealed that at that time, the film’s martial arts director liked her and often invited her out, but she did not agree. This person was angry and deliberately designed difficult and injury-prone movements for both Mr. Tinh Tinh and Truong Quoc Vinh. The beauty then thought of a way to deal with the martial arts instruction.

At that time, actor Liu Ka Liang had an important voice in the Hong Kong film industry. She approached Carina Lau, asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend. Lau Gia Luong was famous for his style. At that time, he was married but still dated many women.

Mr. Jing Jing, movie ‘Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu’

Mr. Tinh Tinh plays Tieu Long Nu. Video: Mtime

Some time later, the two dated, and Luu Gia Luong pampered Mr. Tinh Tinh very much. When shopping for shoes, he knelt down to try on his girlfriend’s shoes. The actor also held a big party to celebrate the beauty’s 18th birthday. Tinh Tinh once said: “It’s okay for people to call me arrogant, but my personality is to always look for the best things in the world, of course, including love.”

Tinh Tinh once said that she lacked fatherly love, Luu Gia Luong was both her lover and her father, and sometimes she called the actor her father. In 1984, at the age of 50, Luu divorced to marry a 20-year-old actor. He also cut all ties with his lovers.

After getting married, Mr. Tinh Tinh stopped acting and gave birth to two daughters. Following a friend’s recommendation, she switched to selling insurance. In just the first year, she became one of the top 10 people achieving the company’s highest insurance sales worldwide. At this stage, beauties need law-related knowledge and self-study to solve tasks.

Passionate about this industry, Mr. Tinh Tinh studied Law at the University of Hong Kong, becoming the student with the highest score in the department in eight years. Luu Gia Luong once said about his wife: “She studies very well, flower arranging, foreign languages, philosophy, law, she can grasp everything, and she studies better than any of her classmates.”

Mr. Jing Jing and Carina Lau at the 2010 Hong Kong Golden Statue Film Awards. Photo: HK01

Mr. Jing Jing and Carina Lau at the 2010 Hong Kong Golden Statue Film Awards. Photo: HK01

In 1999, Mr. Tinh Tinh interned at a law firm in Hong Kong. For convenience, she rented an apartment near the company. Tinh Tinh knows famous lawyer Lam Canh Nghiep, the two often meet to discuss work. One day, the two went back to Tinh Tinh’s apartment to get the papers. Luu Gia Luong happened to pass by and went into the house to meet his wife.

Worried about being misunderstood by Lau Gia Luong, Lam Canh Nghiep hid on the balcony. When entering the house, Luu Gia Luong discovered the man’s shoes and wallet, suspecting his wife. On the balcony, because he lost his footing, Lam Canh Nghiep fell to the ground and died.

The incident shocked Hong Kong at that time, many newspapers reported that Mr. Tinh Tinh was caught by her husband having an affair. Many years later, the actress explained that at that time, the relationship between her and Carina Lau had cooled but they still considered each other as relatives. After marrying her, Luu Gia Luong still “got used to his old ways” for a while and did not completely stop having relationships with many women. She also met other men but “never did anything that crossed the line”.

Her private life caused Mr. Tinh Tinh to be attacked and defamed, but she has a powerful weapon: her talent in the legal profession. Tinh Tinh plays an important role in many lawsuits and cases in Hong Kong. One of Mr. Tinh Tinh’s most prominent cases was exposing corruption at Dinh Tue Pagoda.

Mr. Tinh Tinh happened to know Abbot Thich Tri Dinh and often sought out the monk to chat. But a short time later, she discovered that Thich Tri Dinh was at the temple during the day and at night riding a supercar to the villa to rest. Mr. Tinh Tinh secretly followed and investigated Thich Tri Dinh and discovered that the abbot appropriated many properties and donations from the temple, which Thich Tri Dinh used to buy villas, luxury goods, and go to expensive entertainment venues. red. In 2015, Thich Tri Dinh was arrested. At that time, the abbot cried and asked Mr. Tinh Tinh to “let go”.

Mr. Tinh Tinh used to host a radio program about the process of solving major cases, attracting many followers. She was once called “the lady” because she helped prisoners in the prison have warm water to drink in the winter.

According to MP Weekly, Mr. Tinh Tinh’s achievements gradually caused public opinion to stop attacking her private life. After the Lam Canh Nghiep incident, Tinh Tinh and Luu Gia Luong still maintained their relationship as husband and wife. In the last years of his life, Lau Gia Luong suffered from cancer, Mr. Tinh Tinh stayed by his side to take care of him until the martial arts actor passed away in 2013.

The beauty once said she had no intention of moving on, but in 2017, she surprised her by announcing her marriage to Ha Buu – a businessman from the most prestigious and prestigious family in Hong Kong. Ha Buu’s father is philanthropist Ha Hong Chuong, whose family owns about 200 properties worldwide. As for Mr. Ha Hong Chuong’s cousin, Ha Hong San – who is known as the “King of Macau Casinos” for building a casino empire here.

Mr. Tinh Tinh and Ha Buu at the movie event on November 6. Photo: HK01

Mr. Tinh Tinh and Ha Buu at the movie event on November 6. Image: HK01

Tinh Tinh said she agreed to get married because in 2017, she suddenly couldn’t walk. During that time, Ha Biau did not leave her side and carried her to the hospital for examination. After recovering from her illness, the beauty accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal.

The couple has no children together and agreed to donate all assets to charity. Mr. Tinh Tinh’s two stepdaughters inherited Luu Gia Luong’s assets.

Even though she married a rich man, Ong Tinh Tinh still kept her ex-husband’s last name. Legally, her name is Luu Ong Tinh Tinh. The actress said her name is a part of her past, whether good or bad, what happened cannot erase its traces. But Mr. Tinh Tinh does not regret what he did and feels he can be himself.

Nghinh Xuan (according to Mp Weekly, St Headline)

The article is in Vietnamese

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