People with cancer, people with strokes, live in a few square meters


Recently, musician To Hieu shared a status about two veteran actors, Thuong Tin and Aly Dung: “The two of them are actors, working together in two theater troupes, the Kowloon River Theater Troupe, the Diamond Theater Troupe, and then the movie. After more than 30 years of meeting, their hair has faded…”the male musician wrote.

Austere image of two old artists in their twilight years.

Attached to the sharing is a photo of actor Thuong Tin and actor Aly Dung recently taken. The image of two once famous actors, now skinny and sick, makes many people sad.

In addition to the image, musician To Hieu also shared with the media a clip of two old artists wishing each other to make art “until we die”. Artist Thuong Tin also continuously reminded Aly Dung about staying healthy because health is very important, and health is everything.

It is known that Thuong Tin and Aly Dung once acted together in the movie “Saigon Commandos”. So when he learned that Aly Dung had cancer, artist Thuong Tin visited to encourage and share.

Both had brilliant periods in their careers, but at the end of their lives, they both had nothing left.

Before suffering a stroke, artist Thuong Tin lived in a 20 square meter room

In 2021, after the news that artist Thuong Tin had a stroke, the audience was surprised to learn of his dire situation in his twilight years. The male artist lives alone in a 20 square meter motel, taking part in small roles to earn some money to get by.

Thuong Tin’s situation at that time made many people sympathize with him and support him with money. However, after some controversy over the amount of money he received, the actor upset many sponsors. He had to go back to his hometown for a while to avoid the noise.

Currently, Thuong Tin lives at the house of musician To Hieu, running all kinds of shows from singing, acting… to support himself.

2 actors of

The current place only has enough space for Aly Dung’s bed.

As for artist Aly Dung, the situation is equally tragic. He spent his entire youth taking care of his 14 younger siblings. Life was so hard that his wife could not bear it and took their children and left. Several decades have passed, and he no longer remembers what his son looked like.

In his late years, Aly Dung suffered from all kinds of diseases in addition to leukemia and also had severe hemorrhoids, causing the actor constant pain. For many years he lived as a renter in rooms of only a few square meters.

Aly Dung’s current residence, according to actor Huu Phuoc, when he visited him recently, only fits a bed. However, despite the hardships, actor Aly Dung is very optimistic.

I’m very optimistic. It’s like that, if you’re optimistic, you’ll live long, and if you’re pessimistic, you’ll die early. Even if I’m pessimistic, I can’t change anything. I’m old now, I can die at any time, I don’t want to live anymore.” he shared when mentioning his illness.

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