Lam threatened Mr. Quang and confessed his romantic feelings to Duong


In We are 8 years later Episode 8 airs tonight, November 21. After signing a contract with Mr. Quang (People’s Artist Trung Anh), Lam (Quoc Anh) immediately turned around because he still wanted to continue his relationship with Duong (Hoang Ha). That’s why Lam went to Mr. Quang to ask for an opportunity. Chairman Quang seemed to know in advance what Lam was going to say to him, so he guessed that he must have prepared “heavy weapons”.

Lam replied: “The biggest weapon I have is that I like Duong and I also believe that Duong has feelings for me. Let me keep this. We just want to have one more chance with her.” .

Mr. Quang got frustrated and loudly said: “Are you trying to hide my secret? Speak!”. Lam replied: “I don’t want to threaten the father of the girl I like. The incident happened 6 years ago, I know.”

Elsewhere, Duong was shocked to see that Nguyet (Hoang Huyen) had read books to learn about the rules of married life even though she had just met Tung (Tran Nghia). She advised her best friend to always be cautious in love because she saw that Nguyet was too immersed in her relationship with Tung and trusted her lover absolutely even though she had not learned much about her boyfriend.

Duong was even more surprised when she learned the reason for choosing Nguyet’s boyfriend. She said Tung is like a special student she once met, who likes to cause trouble but is also lovable and when he is able to correct them, he will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Meanwhile, Lam continued to take Duong to romantic dates and said nice things to her. Lam compares Duong to Venus, always an exception. Duong said: “Do you know what star Venus is also called? It’s called Thai Bach star. In the year it shines in your life, it will wipe out your house.” Lam took the opportunity to confess his love to Duong: “If you are willing to shine on me, I will vow to become a proletarian forever.”


What secret does Lam hold from Chairman Quang? Will Mr. Quang back down before Lam? Does Nguyet doubt Tung? Details of episode 8 We are 8 years later airs at 9:40 p.m. tonight on VTV3.

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