Is it worth investing in movies that have a picky audience?

Is it worth investing in movies that have a picky audience?
Is it worth investing in movies that have a picky audience?

Director Antonio Termenini – artistic director of the Asian Film Festival – said that recently there has been a discussion in Italy about whether it is worth investing in films that are expected to pick up audiences – Photo: BTC

Artistic Director of the Asian Film Festival – Mr. Antonio Termenini, at the press conference introducing the 2023 Italian Film Festival in Vietnam on the afternoon of November 21, said that recently the General Department of Cinema Promotion of Italy, as well as the filmmaking world, Italy has discussed a lot about the issue of whether it is worth investing in films with a picky audience.

The discussion is continuing and there is still no definite answer. The problem seems similar to that in Vietnam.

Audience size is not the only measure of cinema

Over the past 10 years in Italy, there have been many changes in the amount of funds devoted to cinema, not only for film production but also for supporting film promotion abroad and introducing films from other countries in Italy.

Besides, Italy also has support for new filmmakers, especially filmmakers who are making feature-length films for the first time. Funding is very important for young filmmakers.

Regarding Italian investment in cinema, Mr. Marco della Seta – Italian ambassador to Vietnam – added that in recent years the Italian Ministry of Culture has sponsored all stages of filmmaking and this fund has increased accordingly. Every year.

Mr. Antonio Termenini said that Italy’s current resources for cinema are very large, almost equal to those of France and Germany. But in the coming years there may be some changes, for example there will be less investment potential for cinema.

According to him, the number of audiences and box office revenue are not the only metrics to decide whether to invest in a movie or not. There are other measures, perhaps the stories that the works bring.

What is contemporary Italian society like today?

Vietnamese audiences can find answers through six films selected to be screened in the 2023 Italian Film Festival, organized by the Italian Embassy in Hanoi, taking place at the National Cinema Center (87 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi) at 7:30 p.m. every day from November 27 to December 2.

Six outstanding films of many genres and styles, from drama to comedy, many of which have won awards at prestigious film festivals, will portray modern Italian society facing challenges. new knowledge, while trying to connect and maintain its long-standing traditions.

Hummingbird (directed by Francesca Archibugi, 2022) is a story about a man’s life from birth to death, in which the joys, pains and worries of a middle-class family like any other are interwoven with the development of a Absolute and extraordinary love through three generations.

Six films in the 2023 Italian Film Festival will show the contemporary social face of Italy

Diabolik (dir. Antonio Manetti and Marco Manetti, 2021) tells the story of legendary thief Diabolik planning his next heist: stealing a valuable diamond from heiress Eva Kant, who is dating with Deputy Minister of Justice Giorgio Caron…

September (dir. Giulia Louise Steigerwalt, 2022) are three real-life stories of a reserved teenager with a budding love interest, a mother disconnected from family relationships, and a doctor struggling after a divorce. kiss with ex-wife…

Diabolik – Ginko Attack! (dir. Antonio Manetti and Marco Manetti, 2022) is the story of Diabolik pulling off a daring heist to steal the Armen crown from a security vault and then the Armen treasure during a performance of the Emerald ballet. However, this is a trap…

Leonora Addio (directed by Paolo Taviani, 2022) tells the story of writer Pirandello’s death, leaving everything unfinished and in disarray when there was no funeral or celebration, but in the end there were three funerals for him. …

The return of Casanova (dir. Gabriele Salvatores, 2023) is the story of a famous director entering his twilight phase both physically and mentally, Leo Bernardi cannot accept his gradual decline…

Film festival tickets are distributed free to audiences who register online with the organizers. After each screening, there will be a Q&A session with the artistic director of the Asian Film Festival – Mr. Antonio Termenini.

Afternoon November 30, At Casa Italia, there will be a discussion on the topic “International Film Festival – The making process and behind-the-scenes stories” with Mr. Antonio Termenini and famous Vietnamese film critics and film directors.

After Hanoi, the film festival will enter Ho Chi Minh City.

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