High Cookie deserves to be more famous, the female lead with her face completely covered is still extremely attractive


Among a series of famous Korean films recently, there is currently a film of equal quality on Korean screens that has not received much attention. That is High Cookiesa thrilling, fantasy, and relatively heavy school film released on a poorly known platform, U+Mobile TV.

Recently, the Korean site Daum published an article, calling High Cookies is a “Korean screen masterpiece” that audiences will not be able to stop watching right from the first moments. This site highly appreciates the newness in the creation and deployment of scripts High Cookie, exploits the school context but integrates elements surrounding a prominent problem in modern society: illegal drug use. Movie tells the story of the events that happen as students at a top prestigious elite high school, when people eat a bunch of cookies to make their wishes come true.

Of course, there are no supernatural or magical elements surrounding this cookie, it simply acts as a hallucinogenic drug. If you eat just one piece, it helps people stay awake, the brain will work at full capacity to produce positive results, but if eaten too much, it will lead to drug overdose and death. In the first episode of the film, the audience saw the unbelievable toxicity of this type of cookie when an excellent student at the top of the school died from overusing it.

Behind this magical cookie is Choi Min Young (Jeong Da Bin), a mysterious female student who always wears a mask in all situations. Min Young is a poor female student, she makes a lot of money through this illegal business and the strange cookies produced directly in the laundry room in the school’s basement. Yoo Seong Pil (Kim Mu Yeol), a former drug detective who is hiding under the title of entrance exam consultant, decides to unravel the mysteries at this high school.

The film is praised as a masterpiece that deserves to be more famous, the female lead's face is still very attractive - Photo 4.

Choi Min Young always wears a mask…

Because of a long scar on his face

Choi Soo Young (Nam Ji Hyun) – Choi Min Young’s older sister decided to enroll in her younger sister’s high school under the name Lee Eun Seo to save her younger sister. But because Soo Young suffered from domestic violence, instead of being a good sister, she became a cruel, cold-blooded person when her emotions exploded.

The film is praised as a masterpiece that deserves to be more famous, the female lead's face is still very attractive - Photo 6.

Audience reviews High Cookies attracts viewers with dramatic, engaging stories without excessive cruelty or profanity. The main characters are also very multi-dimensional, not necessarily good or evil, placing viewers in many different unpredictable contexts. On the other hand, the film brings an interesting feeling but also naturally contains a realistic critical message.

Even without dogmatic dialogue, the fear of drugs and the dark side of drug trafficking are revealed very naturally during the film’s broadcast. In addition, even though it is only set in a school, discrimination in Korean society is clearly shown. In particular, viewers gave a lot of praise to the two female leads, Nam Ji Hyun and Jeong Da Bin, especially Da Bin. Even though she wore a mask for almost the entire time on air, she still knew how to attract the audience with her eyes. mine.

The film is praised as a masterpiece that deserves to be more famous, the female lead's face is still very attractive - Photo 7.

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