This is a bad day, you absolutely should not do anything

This is a bad day, you absolutely should not do anything
This is a bad day, you absolutely should not do anything

Calendar date: Wednesday, November 55, 2023

Lunar day: 10th day of the 10th month, year of the Cat

Eight characters: Day: Giap Than – Month: Quy Hoi – Year: Quy Mao

Air element: Tieu Tuyet

November 22, 2023 (October 10, Quy Mao) is the day of Thien Thien and Black Dao.

November 22, 2023 is the day of Thu Tu and Golden God That Sat (According to Trach sand, it is a great evil)

Overview of things to do and avoid doing during the day

– Should: Lawsuits, disputes, sacrifices, healing.

– Should not: Construction, groundbreaking, ceiling pouring, house repair, roofing, moving to a new house, grand opening, opening a store, praying for fortune, traveling long distances, weddings, burials , burial.

Instructions for viewing auspicious days and months
Instructions for viewing auspicious days and months
How to determine a good day or a bad day? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an auspicious day and month.
– Avoid bad days and black days. Choose a good day, zodiac day.
– Choose a date that does not conflict with your age.
– Consider choosing a day with good stars, avoid days with bad stars. You should choose a day with many Dai Cat stars and try to avoid days with many Dai Hung stars.
– Balance with good Truc and Twenty Eight Tu.

Beautiful hours of the day

– Giap Ty (11pm-1pm): Thanh Long

– At Suu (1h-3h): Minh Duong

– Mau Thin (7am-9am): Kim Quy

– Ky Ti (9am-11am): Bao Quang

– Tan Mui (1pm-3pm): Ngoc Duong

– Giap Tuat (7pm-9pm): Tu Menh


Conflicting days: Mau Dan, Binh Dan, Canh Ngo, Canh Ty.

Pulse months: Dinh Ti, At Ti, Dinh Mao, Dinh Dau.

Bad star – good star

1. Good stars:

– Nguyet Duc: Everything is good

– Mother Thuong: Good for wealth; grand opening, warehouse opening

– Dai Hong Sa: Everything is good

2. Bad stars:

– Thien Cuong (or Diet Mon): Bad for everything

– Killing: Avoid leaving; wedding; burial; Building houses

– Groundbreaking: Do not build houses, start construction, or break ground

– Thu Tu: Bad in everything (except good hunting

– Moon Fire: Bad for home renovation; shed roof; build a kitchen

– Ice Tieu crouching: Bad for everything

– Brocade: Avoid building houses; burial

– No room: Avoid getting married

– Poisonous Fire: Bad for home renovation; shed roof; build a kitchen


Truc Thu (Good harvest. Avoid starting construction, departure, burial.)

Twenty-eight elite


Five elements: Water

Animal: Leopard


(Kiet Tu) The star sign of Beo, ruling the 4th day.

– Should do: Initiating a hundred things is good, the best is burial, grave repair, opening doors, opening, departure, irrigation works (such as draining water, digging canals, clearing ditches… )

– Abstinence: Making a bed, lining the bed, going on a boat.

– Exception: Sao Co meets the day of Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and hundreds of things are taboo. Meeting the day when Thin Sao Co registered at the park should have been very good, but he committed a violation of Phuc Doan. Pham Phuc Doan prohibits burials, departures, inheritance, division of property, and starting a pottery kiln; But we should build walls, fill holes, build toilets, and put an end to harm.

The master of mechanical artefacts is strong and powerful,

Years and years of sand and bones,

Burial, cultivate for great benefits,

Dien tam, oxen and horses turn mountains and diamonds.

Open the door, release the water to lure wealth,

Horrible, full of silver, full of pain.

Blessings and prosperity in the family,

Six relatives are blessed with prosperity and happiness.

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