Quang Ngai fisherman was robbed and shot and wounded

Fishing boat QNg-90962 TS.

On the afternoon of September 17, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Chairman of the Fisheries Union of Binh Chau Commune (Binh Son District, Quang Ngai Province) confirmed that while practicing in the Truong Sa waters, the fishing boat QNg-90962 TS was operated by fishermen. Bui Duy Tan (resident in Binh Chau commune) as a captain and 11 fishermen were suppressed by foreign canoes, robbed property, one fisherman was shot and seriously injured.

Working with the Quang Ngai Border Guard, Captain Bui Duy Tan said that on August 22, the fishing boat QNg-90962 TS departed for fishing. At about 10 p.m. on September 9, when the ship was using 2 canoes for fishing, a foreign canoe with 3 people appeared, armed with weapons. They approached to control, took away some fishing gear, seafood and fired many bullets, seriously injuring fisherman Vo Minh Quan.

According to fisherman Vo Minh Quan (Binh Chau commune), when he was finning fish in the Truong Sa waters, a strange canoe appeared, the person on the canoe fired several shots at his vehicle. In the middle of the night, Mr. Quan was pierced by a bullet and passed out at sea.

Fisherman Vo Minh Quan was shot and seriously injured his left leg.

“I heard the gun go off, lying down, my leg was hit by a bullet, numb from the foot to the side of the body, then I didn’t know anything,” – fisherman Vo Minh Quan recalled.

After suppressing, robbing and shooting injured people, the foreign canoes left, the 2 canoes returned to the mother ship QNg-90962 TS. The injured crew member was taken to Tien Nu Island for treatment and then transferred to Phan Vinh Island for treatment.

On Phan Vinh Island, doctors operated on a gunshot wound, confirming that fisherman Vo Minh Quan had a broken bone and tendon. The other parts have no X-ray, so they are not specified. 2 days later, the ship QNg-90962 TS departed for the mainland. On the afternoon of September 16, the ship docked at Sa Ky port.

Soldiers Biên phòng Quang Ngãi check the case nô of tàu QNg 90962 TS accused of nô foreign countryài shot punctured.
Quang Ngai Border Guards inspect the canoe of the ship QNg 90962 TS which was shot through by a foreign canoe.

After returning to Sa Ky port, fisherman Quan was taken directly to the hospital by his family to treat his injuries and report to the authorities.

The case is being further verified by the Quang Ngai Border Guard to protect the lives and properties of fishermen while practicing in the waters under Vietnam’s sovereignty.

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