Po Hen historical relic site is nationally ranked

Po Hen historical relic site is nationally ranked
Po Hen historical relic site is nationally ranked

Quang NinhPo Hen historical site in Mong Cai city has just been ranked a national monument by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The Po Hen relic site was embellished in 2010, inaugurated in 2011, with a total area of ​​more than 86,000 m2, including four points: the Monument to the martyrs of Po Hen, the Que hill station, the Po Hen border gate checkpoint, and the Radio station. Look at the West Hill.

In which, the most prominent is the Monument to the martyrs of Po Hen located on the land of the former Fort 209, 16 m high, made of reinforced concrete. The radio has the image of three pairs of hands representing the three ethnic groups Kinh – Dao – San Chi embracing the whole of Vietnam. On both sides of the memorial is a green stone stele engraved with the names of 86 martyrs who are soldiers of Fort 209 Po Hen, commercial staff and workers of Hai Son Forest Enterprise.

16 m high memorial at Po Hen historical site. Image: Culture Newspaper

On February 17, 1979, China mobilized two infantry divisions with artillery support, one to attack Than Phun (Mong Cai), one to Cao Ba Lanh (Binh Lieu). Ammunition 82 mm, 60 mm, DKZ, machine gun, medium machine … flew to Mong Cai, Hoanh Bo, to coordinate with the army fighting in Lang Son.

Before the attack of five battalions of Chinese troops, soldiers from Post 209 of the Po Hen Armed People’s Police Station (now known as Po Hen Border Guard Station) along with commercial personnel of Po Hen and other officers and soldiers of the Self-Defense Forces Platoon. The guards of Hai Son Forest Enterprise fought and died heroically.

Every year, Po Hen relic welcomes hundreds of delegations to visit and offer incense to commemorate, especially on February 17, the common anniversary of fallen martyrs.

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