Yamaha Motor Vietnam launches all-new Grande scooter

Yamaha Motor Vietnam launches all-new Grande scooter
Yamaha Motor Vietnam launches all-new Grande scooter

BNEWSYamaha Motor Vietnam has introduced a completely new Grande model with a design concept based on the message “Shining timeless beauty”. The car is priced from 45.9 million VND, an increase of 700,000 VND compared to the old generation.

The new design of the Yamaha Grande 2022 is a harmonious combination of classic and modern elements, possessing graceful and gentle curves, to enhance the elegance and elegance of the car as well as the driver.

With this version, Yamaha Motor Vietnam positions Yamaha Grande 2022 in the high-end segment, possessing a youthful and fashionable appearance but equally luxurious and sophisticated. Therefore, the target customers of Yamaha Grande 2022 will be young, dynamic and elegant Gen Z women.

The Grande 2022 design inherits the inherent elegance, modern LED system, outstanding with the combination of the main light cluster in the shape of a diamond and the LED strip to create attraction on the road.
The new saddle is smoothed, both enhancing the aesthetics and helping the driver to be more comfortable. The rear seat angle is also adjusted higher, combined with the rear handlebars for a comfortable and stable rear seat posture.

The car is equipped with a Blue Core Hybrid engine and many new utility features, including the Y-connect smartphone application.

Specifically, Grande 2022 is equipped with Blue Core Hybrid 125cc engine, air-cooled, fuel consumption is only 1.66 liters / 100km, better than the old version 1.69 liters / 100km, keeping 1st fuel-saving scooter in Vietnam based on the fuel consumption data system of 420 scooter models of the Vietnam Register (published) until August 2022.
In particular, Grande 2022 is equipped with an electric power steering system (Hybrid) up to 3 seconds after the wheelchair rolls, the electric power steering system will activate and increase traction for the engine. This power steering system is most effective when climbing hills and carrying more people.

Along with that, the car is also equipped with a temporary engine shutdown system (Stop & Start System) to help save fuel; Add anti-lock braking system ABS to help limit wheel slip, especially in case of emergency braking on slippery roads.

In addition to the above design features and equipment, Grande 2022 also has other outstanding new features such as the Y-connect system – Connecting the car and phone to help receive notifications from the phone while driving and Monitor the condition of the vehicle better.

Electronic clock face, phone charging port and front storage compartment, smart lock system (Only available on premium and limited versions), newly designed saddle combined with rear handle.

In addition, the car also has a large trunk with a capacity of 27 liters equipped with LED lights, convenient fuel tank cap and electric kickstand…/.

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