Propagating and mobilizing people to raise awareness of safety protection of power grid corridors

Mr. Huynh Van Hue, Deputy Head of Safety Department of Dak Nong Power Company (Dak Nong PC) said: “Directive documents of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) ) are disseminated and specifically instructed by the Company to the affiliated Powers for implementation, accordingly, the Company has directed its affiliated units to promote propaganda and dissemination of the provisions of the law. to a large number of people in protecting the high-voltage grid safety corridor (HLAT) with the aim of spreading and raising people’s awareness of this work.

Dak Nong PC propagates people to cooperate with the electricity industry to join hands to protect the electricity grid safety corridor

In order for the propaganda work to be highly effective, in addition to strengthening propaganda on the mass media; Distributing leaflets and manuals on electricity safety among the people, affiliated units also send employees directly to households, agencies and organizations in the area to propagate and mobilize people to use electricity safely. whole. Contents of propaganda and warning of prohibited acts such as: Planting trees in violation of the HLAT grid, flying kites, stealing or removing equipment on the power grid or using high-voltage grid works for purposes other…

Besides, Electricity of districts and cities has actively and actively coordinated with local authorities and mobilized people to cut down trees, ensuring a safe distance from the grid corridor. The units strengthen periodical inspection of transmission lines and substations, timely detect risks caused by investors and construction contractors implementing projects to widen roads and level ground where roads are located. At the same time, notify the units, investors and people when constructing and renovating construction works located in the high-voltage grid HLAT to coordinate with the electricity sector to implement safety measures, provide solutions, avoid risks.

In the past, some households often obstructed and caused difficulties in clearing the corridor, but after being propagated and mobilized by the unit, they agreed to cooperate with the electricity industry to protect the corridor. grid safety for the safety of families and communities.

People agree to cooperate with the electricity industry to protect the grid safety corridor

Thanks to good propaganda work, the situation of felling trees on the line; arbitrarily expanding, building works in the HLAT grid or using means of transport violating the high-voltage grid corridor has been significantly reduced. Thereby also clearly see the practical effects and effectiveness from focusing on raising people’s awareness in observing the provisions of the law on protection of high-voltage grid HLAT, contributing to ensuring the safety of the system. electricity system as well as people’s lives. From the beginning of 2022 up to now, there have been no violations of housing and construction works in violation of the high-voltage grid safety corridor.

Mr. Dang Huu Bang (pop group 5, Dak Mil town, Dak Mil district) said: “Through the commune loudspeaker system, I heard propaganda about ensuring the safety of the high-voltage grid corridor as well as the use of high-voltage electricity grids. Using electricity safely, myself and my family members always do a good job of using electrical appliances in the family safely, economically, not burning fields, grazing, planting trees or letting trees violate the distance. power line safety”.

In order to limit power grid incidents related to the high-voltage grid corridor, in the coming time, Dak Nong PC will continue to strengthen and urge its affiliated units to make plans and plans to handle and minimize pollution. corridor violation; coordinate with people to cut down trees; make statistics of locations with trees in the corridor at risk of falling onto the line for handling measures.

Dak Nong Electricity Company advises customers to use electricity: When detecting violations of protection of high-voltage grid safety corridors, incidents occur, trees fall on lines, power lines are damaged. broken, broken power poles, etc., it is necessary to promptly notify the power grid operation management unit or call the Call Center Customer Care Center of the Central Power Corporation. 19001909 or local authorities, the nearest power grid operation management unit for timely handling.

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