Implement many activities to prevent and control tobacco harms

Implement many activities to prevent and control tobacco harms
Implement many activities to prevent and control tobacco harms

The results of the survey on tobacco use in provinces and cities conducted by the University of Public Health in 2020 show that people’s awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco in 5 years (2015 – 2020). there have been positive changes. Accordingly, 96% of people believe that smoking causes lung cancer; 81% believe that smoking causes stroke; 77% believe that smoking causes heart attack and 72% believe that smoking causes all 3 diseases; 65% of people have heard of the Law on Drug Prevention and Control.

Compared to 2015, the percentage of male smokers decreased from 45.3% to 42.3%. The rate of passive smoking in the workplace decreased from 42.6% to 30.9%; at home decreased from 59.9% to 56%; at restaurants decreased from 80.7% to 78.1%; At bars, coffee and tea decreased from 89.1% to 86.2%. The percentage of smokers who were counseled to quit when visiting a health facility increased from 40.5% to 72.2%.

In the two years of 2019-2020, units across the country strictly implemented smoke-free environment regulations, reaching 7,957 kindergartens, 7,846 primary schools, 4,606 junior high schools, 1,318 high schools, 202 universities and colleges; 598 provincial and district hospitals. Along with that, there are 4,325 factories and enterprises strictly implementing regulations on banning smoking at indoor workplaces; 377 passenger car companies strictly enforce the ban on smoking at work and on passenger cars; 371 hotels and 513 restaurants strictly comply with the ban on smoking indoors.

Dr. Ton That Toan – Deputy Director of the Center for Disease Control of Khanh Hoa province said that in the past 10 years, together with the whole country, Khanh Hoa province has implemented many solutions to prevent STIs and achieved positive results. Every year, following the direction of the Provincial People’s Committee, all localities organize to respond to World No Baldness Day (May 31), National Smoke-Free Week from May 25 to 31; seminars and conferences to disseminate the Law on Tobacco Control and guidelines for building a smoke-free environment.

Simultaneously, Khanh Hoa province’s health sector organized surveys in the community on the percentage of smokers; actively coordinate with departments and branches in the area to promote communication on drug abuse prevention in the media, at units, agencies, schools…

Thereby, gradually reducing the rate of smoking, towards the behavior of smoking cessation and non-smoking in the community. Besides the efforts of the Health sector, all levels of Party committees, authorities, departments, branches, mass organizations and social organizations in the province have carried out the construction of smoke-free agencies and units; promulgating regulations, including smoking-free standards in the workplace into the annual rules and regulations of emulation. In villages, hamlets, hamlets, residential quarters, the content of anti-corruption control is included in village conventions and conventions. Post no smoking signs at workplaces, medical facilities, schools, hotels, restaurants and other indoor public places. Organize an exam to learn about the harmful effects of tobacco in an appropriate form. The relevant units also actively cooperated in inspection and examination to detect and handle acts of trading in smuggled cigarettes, fake cigarettes, destroying smuggled cigarettes, etc.

However, according to Dr. Ton That Toan, in order to reduce the percentage of smokers in each agency, unit and locality, propaganda and advocacy work needs to be continuously enhanced; each person, agency and unit must clearly understand the harmful effects of tobacco and strictly enforce the Tobacco Control Law; well perform the inspection and supervision work; strengthen reminders and penalties for violations according to regulations. At the same time, each individual needs to actively quit smoking to protect the health of himself, his family and the community.

Promulgating and implementing the Law on Drug Prevention and Control is an important milestone in protecting public health, reducing thousands of deaths and many diseases, contributing to building a healthy workforce and ensuring sustainable economic development. steady.

Vietnam is among the countries with the highest percentage of male smokers in the world, with 47.4% of adult males smoking. At the same time, two-thirds of women and children are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke. Every year, tobacco causes more than 40,000 premature deaths and hundreds of thousands of illnesses. Therefore, the promulgation and implementation of the Law on Drug Prevention and Control of Vietnam is highly appreciated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the international community.

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