Bayer Vietnam kicks off the program “Ambassadors for Safe Use of Pesticides”

On September 22, Bayer Vietnam launched the “Safe Use Ambassador” program, in the form of a contest for students majoring in agriculture under the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Science and Technology. Can Tho University, Nong Lam University and welcome the participation of students from Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry for the first time.

This year, the program Safe Use Ambassador once again returned to the Faculty of Agriculture – Can Tho University.

In 2017, Bayer launched the program Safe Use Ambassador with the goal of building a network of partners and “Ambassadors” to help share and widely spread the message of safe use of pesticides to the community. Specifically, the company is cooperating with agricultural departments of universities in the Asia Pacific region, connecting student and farmer communities, encouraging exchanges to find effective and creative solutions. created in imparting knowledge and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, which includes the proper and responsible use and disposal of crop protection products. In the first year, the program attracted more than 300 students and local farmers to participate. By 2020, Bayer has deployed the program to nearly 40 universities in 8 countries, and so far, more than 10,000 students have been trained as “Ambassadors” to use pesticides safely.

Mr. Chu Viet Ha, Head of Crop Science at Bayer Vietnam, shared: “Farmer safety is one of the top priorities in Bayer’s sustainable development strategy. As a pioneer in the field of agriculture, we constantly research as well as coordinate with many strategic partners to ensure the safety and sustainability of our products, services and activities. environmental impacts, while meeting farmers’ expectations about the effectiveness of pesticide use. An important part of this journey is ensuring that all Bayer employees and farmers are trained and have access to knowledge on the proper and responsible use of pesticides.”

The program attracts agricultural students to register to attend.

Participating in the competition, the students will attend a training session on the knowledge of using pesticides properly, from which they can propose and implement ideas to convey this knowledge to farmers. The student with the most effective and creative implementation project will be the winner in the search for “Ambassador” to use pesticides safely and participate in a study tour in Germany with many experts and experts. winning contestants from other countries sponsored by Bayer. A special feature of this year’s competition is that students with impressive performances throughout the competition will have the opportunity to practice at the Plant Science Branch of Bayer Vietnam Company.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Vang, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Applied Biology, Can Tho University, said that using appropriate protective equipment and handling pesticide packaging and containers properly, limiting contact Direct contact with agrochemicals will greatly reduce the health risks for farmers during farming. I believe that the competition will be an opportunity for students to access updated knowledge, practice skills, connect and learn from many agricultural experts and students from other schools, thereby good preparation for his career in the future”.

Nguyen Dang Huan, Champion of SUA 2019 is excited to share his experiences about the contest with students in Can Tho.

Nguyen Dang Huan, Champion of SUA 2019, shared: Being a Bayer SUA winner is one of the most memorable things in student life. The program has created valuable relationships in the agricultural field and provided many opportunities to experience to determine suitable career goals in the future.

Through this competition, Bayer aims to raise awareness and provide useful knowledge about the safe use of pesticides and pesticide products for students, so that they will continue to spread these messages effectively to farmers and communities.

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