Quang Ninh Provincial National Assembly Delegation meets voters before the 4th Session

Comrade Nguyen Xuan Thang, Politburo member, Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council, Director of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics spoke at the meeting with voters.

Attending the meeting were over 150 voters representing organizations and people in Quang Yen town.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang praised and recognized the achievements in socio-economic development of Quang Yen town over the years; at the same time, notify voters of the proposed content and program of the 4th session of the 15th National Assembly; Contents of draft Laws and Resolutions of the National Assembly will be submitted for consideration and approval at the meeting. Comrade said, at the 4th session, the XV National Assembly will pass 7 Laws and 3 Resolutions, including laws and issues of interest to voters such as the revised Land Law, the Law on Protection of People’s Rights. consumption, the auction of car license plates…

At the meeting, the Delegation of the 15th National Assembly of Quang Ninh province reported on the results of its activities from the 3rd session to the 4th session; report on the results of answering and settling voters’ petitions to ministries, central branches and provincial People’s Committees; results of settlement of complaints and denunciations sent by voters and people to the provincial National Assembly Delegation. Many opinions and recommendations of voters have been transferred to the 15th National Assembly Delegation of Quang Ninh province to submit to the National Assembly and functional agencies for consideration and settlement.

Mr. Nguyen Khue Bich, voter of Yen Giang ward, Quang Yen town made a petition at the meeting with voters.

Voter Nguyen Duy Phung, Lawyers Association of Quang Yen town hopes that the National Assembly will soon approve the draft Law on Implementation of Grassroots Democracy, helping grassroots democracy be better implemented; passed the revised Law on Medical Examination and Treatment, in order to promptly correct shortcomings so that people can receive medical examination and treatment quickly, reduce procedures, have enough drugs, medical examination and treatment equipment… Voters stated, the projects the land acquisition project in Quang Yen to be used as a private hospital but has not yet been implemented, causing a waste of resources; it is necessary to clarify the limit for conversion of agricultural land purposes; Wondering about the auction of car license plates will create many problems and what regulations about beautiful and ugly license plates…

Many voters suggested paying attention to anti-corruption work, strengthening inspection and supervision; adjusting pensions for officials and employees… Voters of Lien Vi commune reflected that compensation and support for ground clearance for aquaculture lagoons still had many shortcomings causing frustration for people, hope the delegation Members of the National Assembly and leaders at all levels will soon consider and solve the problem for the people.

The delegation of the National Assembly, leaders of Quang Yen town listened to the opinions and recommendations of the voters, discussed the contents of the voters and the people’s concern; at the same time, to receive, settle and respond to voters’ petitions falling within its jurisdiction.

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