Ethnic minority people who can’t read and write Vietnamese were able to take the A1 license exam

The People’s Committee of Soc Trang province has just issued a Decision regulating the form of training and the content, and the plan to organize the test for granting A1-class motorcycle license for ethnic minorities who cannot read and write. Vietnamese language in Soc Trang province.

Accordingly, in theory, from the curriculum of the driver training framework of the Ministry of Transport, the training institution will prepare its own curriculum and lesson plans. In which, some contents are omitted that are not suitable for people who are ethnic minorities who cannot read and write Vietnamese. This training curriculum and lesson plan must be approved by the provincial Department of Transport.

Ethnic minorities who can’t read and write Vietnamese, have permanent or temporary residence in Soc Trang province can take the A1 class license test.

Classes will also be taught separately according to the issued curriculum, in which more emphasis should be placed on: speed of driving on the road, wearing a helmet when participating in traffic, the harmful effects of drinking alcohol, beer when participating in traffic; change direction according to road traffic rules, follow the right lane, in case of avoiding, overtaking, when crossing the bridge.

For the practical part, the teacher guides and performs sample operations such as traffic accident first aid, driving in the picture at the training ground and showing the position and effect of the main parts of the motorcycle. .

In these “special” training and driving classes, teachers mainly use visual teaching methods, mainly with pictures, with sample movements, with instructions and questions and answers. In the course of teaching, teachers give specific instructions on how to operate a vehicle on the road, safety measures when participating in traffic and give many vivid concrete examples to make it easy for students to understand and remember. .

Besides, the teacher also spends time to guide and remind students about the content and test process, and at the same time, the teacher has to drive the car in the continuous test as a model. Organize and guide students to practice theory and practice exams in pictures with touch devices.

The theory test set will be issued and uniformly managed by the Department of Transport on the basis of the general theory test set of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, but some questions will be omitted to suit candidates and with reference to the approved training curriculum. The set of topics includes 15 topics, each with 15 questions, of which, there are seven sentences about traffic concepts and rules, five signs and pictures.

During the theory test, the examiner writes down the candidate’s personal information and asks the candidate to sign or fingerprint on the theory test form. After that, candidates are given random questions in the test set, from there, the examiners read the questions to the candidates and mark the theory test samples according to the answers chosen by the candidates.

The time to take the theory test is 20 minutes from the date of issue, if candidates do 12/15 questions correctly, they will pass.

This regulation applies to training management agencies, driver training institutions, driving test centers, relevant organizations and individuals, and ethnic minorities who cannot read and write. Vietnamese language, permanent or temporary residence in Soc Trang province.

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