Revealed Quang Ninh businesswoman is the owner of luxury car Vinfast Lux A Full 2.0

GoodCharme – the leading Vietnamese perfume brand, always makes people admire when giving its talents the best “luxury – fine – smooth” gifts. when he did not hesitate to give 10 VinFast Lux A Full 2.0 cars to 10 super-soldiers of the system this September. excellent business with impressive bouncing numbers.

Business Director Doan Kim Dung is happy with the newly received Vinfast car

Business Director Doan Kim Dung – Courageous woman

Talking about Business Director Doan Kim Dung of GoodCharme perfume system, perhaps everyone is surprised by her will to rise to the present success. Doan Kim Dung was born in the dragon land of Quang Ninh. As a woman with many difficulties, studying only until the end of primary school. The life of rice, rice, and money rests heavily on this energetic woman’s shoulders.

Doan Kim Dung’s real turning point was when she knew about GoodCharme perfume. When people did not believe in Vietnamese perfume products, produced by Vietnamese people, this woman put all her trust in the company, in the product, in the boss with a good heart.

As the saying goes, you will never cross the abyss if you don’t dare to step on the rope that crosses it. Indeed, exactly one year ago, “female warrior” Doan Kim Dung believed in GoodCharme, stepping on the companion boat with a strong will. There is no product knowledge, but coming to GoodCharme, training and perseverance, passion for learning, time honing, have created an excellent business director of today.

GoodCharme’s business not only brings her high income, but also creates an environment for her to learn and develop herself, to interact with many successful people in the system.

Boss GoodCharme Vo Sy Dat and runner-up Bao Ngoc gave gifts to congratulate Business Director Doan Kim Dung

Up to this moment, Business Director Doan Kim Dung himself could not believe that he had now created a system of over 200 members. Along with that, there are travel trips to many countries around the world such as Japan, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore…. And also received a luxury car Vinfast Lux A Full 2.0. The gifts contain her efforts, showing the results of her tireless hard working days. Without GoodCharme business, without effort, without trying, it is very difficult to get those great opportunities.

“Your efforts are never redundant”

This special gift is also the recognition of Boss and GoodCharme’s Board of Directors for the contributions and enthusiasm of Business Director Doan Kim Dung to the success of the GoodCharme perfume system.

Business Director Doan Kim Dung, GoodCharme

The joy of Business Director Doan Kim Dung on the day of receiving honorary gifts from GoodCharme

At the car receiving ceremony, Business Director Doan Kim Dung happily shared: “Becoming a member of GoodCharme system is the right choice to help me change my life. Thank you boss Vo Sy Dat for helping and giving the right direction. Thank you co-founders Nguyen Nhu Y and Huynh Ngoc Thuy for their full support. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters in the system who have accompanied Kim Dung during the past time. And special thanks to all dear customers who always support enthusiastically. With all my love, thank you GoodCharme for helping me get what I’ve always dreamed of.”

Life is almost limitless, or rather, we have not yet reached the limits of possible. The potential of each person and the journey that person explores the life around them is immeasurable. From the difficulties of childhood, the life of poverty has forged Business Director Doan Kim Dung to become a determined woman.

Business Director Doan Kim Dung, GoodCharme

Business Director Doan Kim Dung took a commemorative photo with 2 GoodCharme co-fouders

On each journey, Business Director Doan Kim Dung always hopes that all sisters, brothers and sisters who want to make money, want to change their lives for the better, let’s try and overcome together. Because your efforts are never redundant, consider it your career and you will definitely be able to do it like Kim Dung or more. Business Director Doan Kim Dung also wants to accompany GoodCharme, creating a production and supply system that is widespread in Vietnam as well as around the world.

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Phone: 0967.914.943

Address: No. 68 Cang Moi, Bach Dang ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province

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