Traffic police rescue dozens of vehicles in distress on Ring Road 3

Traffic police rescue dozens of vehicles in distress on Ring Road 3
Traffic police rescue dozens of vehicles in distress on Ring Road 3

On the afternoon of September 23, a representative of the Traffic Police Department (C08) of the Ministry of Public Security said that from September 20, C08 started deploying special motorcycles in coordination with the Hanoi Police to patrol and control mobile traffic on the road. Ring Road 3, in order to limit congestion and record violating vehicles for handling.

Traffic police force assist vehicles in trouble to enter the emergency lane on Ring 3

C08 mobilized 20 special motorcycles with video recording equipment, coordinated with 10 officers of 5 teams from the Traffic Police Department of Hanoi City Police to patrol the Ring Road 3 overhead, from Thanh Tri bridge to Thanh Tri bridge. Thang Long Bridge.

According to C08, within 3 days of deployment (from September 20 to 22), the traffic police force on duty on the route detected and supported 12 vehicles that had problems in traffic. Vehicles mainly suffer from tire failure, steering system problems, electrical system problems and some mechanical problems.


A representative of C08 said that vehicles having trouble while traveling are also one of the causes of traffic jams. The Traffic Police force must always assist in moving vehicles into the emergency lane and support cranes to tow vehicles to ensure traffic order and safety on the route.

C08 recommends that drivers check the technical safety of their vehicles before moving on the Ring Road 3. If there are signs of unsafe technical safety, vehicles should not move on this route. , because when there is an incident, it will affect other vehicles and the general traffic situation on the route.

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