The man beat a woman to death at the hotel

The man beat a woman to death at the hotel
The man beat a woman to death at the hotel

On November 11, the Ca Mau Provincial Police Department is investigating and clarifying the case of a man brutally beating a woman in the hotel corridor in Ca Mau City, causing her death.

According to the hotel’s security camera image, the man took a wooden stick and hit the woman’s hands, feet and head about 50 times continuously. After hitting the victim for a while, the man sat down to rest, then got up to continue beating. The woman lay on the ground and suffered. Discovering the incident, some people intervened, but the man showed an aggressive attitude, causing the person to stop. Then a young man came and pulled the man away.

The man beat a woman to death at a hotel in Ca Mau City. Image cut from clip.

The woman was taken to Ca Mau General Hospital for emergency treatment but later died. The 4-minute clip recording the incident went viral on social media.

According to the verification of the authorities, the man in the clip is NVX (58 years old, living in cluster 1, ward 8, Ca Mau city) and the victim is NTT (39 years old, living in Lam Hai commune, Nam Can district). , Ca Mau).

According to information from Ca Mau General Hospital, the woman suffered multiple injuries, her injuries were very serious, and was hospitalized in critical condition. The patient had a fractured temporal skull, broken frontal sinuses, collapsed lung, broken ribs, broken arm bones, pelvis… The patient’s body was full of wounds, so he could only enter the hospital in time for intubation. blood transfusion… the patient died.

The Police Department of Ca Mau Province Police has urgently arrested NVX

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