FIFA cut the World Cup 2022 copyright of ‘neighbors’ Vietnam?

Neighboring country Vietnam faces the risk of being cut off the copyright of the World Cup 2022 after the recent move of FIFA.

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World Cup 2022 is going on excitingly with matches in the group stage. The biggest football festival on the planet always creates a strong attraction for fans around the world, and television rights are a matter of great concern.

Recently, the “neighbor” country with Vietnam in Southeast Asia, Thailand, is facing the risk of being cut off by FIFA, despite having to spend a lot of money to own the World Cup copyright. 2022.

Accordingly, the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) said that FIFA had discovered Thailand’s 2022 World Cup broadcast transmission in some other countries that did not buy the rights.

Specifically, FIFA’s unit discovered that audiences in Laos can access the 2022 World Cup television broadcast with a signal source from Thailand. Therefore, FIFA requires Thailand to meet the necessary encryption standards, or else they may suspend the rights to broadcast the 2022 World Cup.

The image of the audience in Laos watching the 2022 World Cup even though this country did not buy the copyright

It is known that after receiving a warning from FIFA, SAT convened an emergency meeting with relevant parties, including the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and technical television operators. number, to review FIFA’s request and find a solution.

The head of the SAT – Kongsak Yodmanee has asked the NBTC to ensure that all parties strictly adhere to FIFA’s broadcast encryption standard.

Information from the meeting said that the Thai side could not meet FIFA’s encryption standards because the transmission technology from service providers was not advanced enough. However, the meeting agreed to propose to FIFA to change the transmission code that would likely prevent audiences in other countries from accessing broadcasts in Thailand.

Previously, Thailand had to spend up to 33 million USD to own the rights to broadcast 64 matches at the 2022 World Cup. This figure in Vietnam is about 15 million USD.

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