Proposal to invest in a 10 billion USD offshore wind power project in Quang Ninh

CIP Group promotes the development of offshore wind power projects in Vietnam.

Accordingly, the offshore wind power project in Quang Ninh will have an estimated project capacity of about 3GW and the energy output expected to be generated on the Northern power grid in the range of 8-10 TWh/year. The number of wind turbines built is about 150-200 turbines. Each turbine has a capacity of 15-20 MW, connected to the national grid at a voltage of 500kV. Total investment is expected to be 8-10 billion USD.

The project will be developed in phases. The commercial operation period of phase 1 is expected from 2027-2030, with an output of 500 MW; phase 2, phase 3 is from 2030-2035 (depending on the progress of grid development), with a total capacity of 2.5GW.

At a meeting with Quang Ninh province on November 23, Mr. Alessandro Antonioli, Director in charge of offshore wind power in Vietnam market, BP Group shared: The Vietnamese government is committed to achieving the target of zero emissions. carbon zero by 2050 by introducing policies to support the development of renewable energy. According to the latest draft of Power Plan 8, renewable energy projects are expected to reach 32 GW by commercial operation date (CoD”) in 2030. This includes 7 GW of offshore wind projects. , increasing to 67 GW by 2045. North Vietnam’s offshore wind capacity target of 4 GW by 2030 is essential for the region’s short-term energy security; successful achievement This will set the stage for top growth sector investment in the coming years.

With a long sea route and the best electricity transmission and connection infrastructure in the country, Quang Ninh province has a lot of potential for wind power development.

Therefore, the BP Group and Sovico Corporation wish to contribute to Vietnam’s success in achieving this goal by providing commercial, technical and financial capabilities, jointly investing in development and development. offshore wind power production in Quang Ninh province.

Representing professional agencies of Quang Ninh province, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Director of Quang Ninh Department of Planning and Investment highly appreciated the idea of ​​investment proposal in the field of renewable energy, clean energy. However, Mr. Son also shared the difficulties and obstacles, thereby suggesting that investors together with departments and agencies study to solve them, so that the offshore wind power project in Quang Ninh province can soon be implemented in the near future. .

It is known that Quang Ninh annually generates about 38 billion KWh of electricity to the national grid system, contributing up to 10% of the national power generation capacity, making Quang Ninh one of the national energy centers.

Consortium of BP Group and Sovico to work with Quang Ninh province on offshore wind power project

However, with the goal of green growth, and at the same time implementing the national strategy on developing renewable energy, clean energy, towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, Quang Ninh is increasing the mobilization of resources, calling for and attracting investment in the field of renewable energy, clean energy, thereby reducing dependence on fossil energy, mitigating climate change, protecting the environment…

Previously, Quang Ninh also proposed to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to add more MW of electricity to the draft Power Plan VIII. Specifically, additionally develop 5,000MW of wind power in the period of 2021-2040, of which 3,000MW is offshore wind power and 2,000MW is onshore wind power; for the period 2021-2030 is 2,500MW (offshore is 500MW and onshore is 2,000MW)

Quang Ninh has 250km of seaway, with the best electricity transmission and connection infrastructure in the country, so many investors come to learn, research, invest and develop renewable energy, including wind power. .

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