The General Director of FV Hospital spoke out about the “attack on security” causing injury

The General Director of FV Hospital spoke out about the “attack on security” causing injury
The General Director of FV Hospital spoke out about the “attack on security” causing injury

On December 5, Mr. Vu Viet Hung (57 years old, native of Binh Duong province), building guard on Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thu Duc City sent a complaint against the General Director of FV Hospital – Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillo. – Go to Thao Dien Ward Police and Thu Duc City Police.

Mr. Hung said that late at night 2-12, the General Director of FV Hospital and another foreign man took a car to the address 216/28 Nguyen Van Huong, asking to enter the building to find friends. Mr. Hung disagreed and explained that this was a private house, with no friends in it.

At this time, the General Director of FV Hospital shouted and repeatedly kicked the door with his foot. When Mr. Hung prevented him, he was attacked by the general director in the chest, shoulder and neck. Mr. Jean-Marcel Guillo also ripped off many buttons of Mr. Hung’s shirt, making the guard stunned.

The camera recorded a fight between the General Director of FV Hospital Jean-Marcel Guillo and the security guard. Photo: Cut from clip

The general manager in the above incident was identified as Doctor Jean-Marcel Guillon.

Reply to Newspaper reporter Workers About the reason for assaulting the security guard, Mr. Jean-Marcel Guillon explained: “I just followed the doctor’s instinct to save people in danger, not intentionally attacking the guard”.

The general manager added: “I overreacted because I thought you were preventing me from saving people. This afternoon, I will go directly to meet and apologize to the security guard for unintentionally causing trouble. for you”.

Mr. Jean-Marcel Guillon said that at 23:30 on December 2, he had just finished dinner at a restaurant at 52 Ngo Quang Huy, Thao Dien ward, when he received a phone call informing that a friend was in critical condition because heart attack. He immediately got in the car to the patient’s house. Stopped at the end of alley 216 Nguyen Van Huong, in front of a building where he thought the patient was, he tried to enter but the door was closed. Although I explained the situation to the security guard, unfortunately the guard did not understand English.

“I didn’t attack him but he ran away. I chased him, tried to push him back towards the door of the building and said: Please open the door to save people” – the general manager explained.

Later, some other friends came and said Mr. Jean-Marcel Guillon had the wrong address and directed him to the correct patient’s home. As a result, patients receive first aid and emergency treatment in a timely manner.

“About how I had an impact on my body and may have affected the security guard’s health, I apologize. I will take him to FV Hospital for monitoring and good health care if necessary. he agrees,” committed doctor Jean Marcel-Guillon.

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