Efforts to “delete” encroachment on traffic corridors

Efforts to “delete” encroachment on traffic corridors
Efforts to “delete” encroachment on traffic corridors

Over the past time, the management and protection of the transport corridor has been drastically implemented by the provincial and local authorities, with many synchronous solutions. Thereby, the situation of encroachment on traffic corridors, selling goods on sidewalks and roadbeds in many national highways and provincial roads is basically handled.

Traffic Inspectors coordinated with La Hien Commune People’s Committee (Vo Nhai) to handle violations of traffic corridors in the central area of ​​the commune.

The central area of ​​La Hien commune (Vo Nhai) is located on National Highway 1B, and there is a market near the intersection with Provincial Road 265, so it used to be a “hot spot” for violations of the traffic safety corridor. In this area, people often encroach, sit and sell goods on the roadway, especially on fair days.

Mr. Le Viet Ha, Vice Chairman of La Hien Commune People’s Committee, said: There is a market in the center of the commune, so people often bring goods and agricultural products along National Highway 1B to sell. The local government has repeatedly propagated and handled it, but it only took a while to get there. Even when La Hien market was built and expanded, people still kept the habit of selling goods on the roadside. In early 2023, the locality coordinated with the Inspectorate of the Department of Transport to deal with violations and directed the Commune Police to increase patrolling and handling. Up to this point, the sales situation on National Highway 1B has been basically handled.

Like La Hien, Cu Van commune (Dai Tu) has a fair located near Highway 37, so the situation of people spilling out on the roadside to sell goods is quite common. More dangerous is that on this route, there are many large trucks passing by, potentially posing a risk of traffic safety. But about more than 1 year ago, this situation has basically been handled.

Mr. Le Van Nam, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Cu Van Commune, informed: Previously, local authorities also took action to handle and remind cases of violations of the traffic safety corridor, but only for a while. recurred. In 2021, the commune government coordinated with the traffic inspector force to handle it. At the same time, determined to maintain inspection and propaganda activities to raise people’s awareness of the risk of traffic accidents when trading encroaches on sidewalks and roadways. Therefore, the situation of violations has decreased sharply, and people’s awareness has been raised.

According to a representative of the Department of Transport and Communications: In recent years, ensuring the traffic safety corridor has been taken care of by the Department, so many “hot” spots that have existed for a long time have been cleared. . Specifically, in 2020, the Traffic Inspector force coordinated with the People’s Committee of Kha Son commune (Phu Binh) to deal with encroachment and violation of the traffic safety corridor along National Highway 37. Thereby, Nearly 100 cases of selling goods, erecting roofs and billboards on traffic corridors have been handled and dismantled.

Or in 2021, the Traffic Inspector will also handle nearly 70 cases of traffic safety violations at the section of Linh Nham – Chua Hang street, Nam Hoa market area (on Highway 17) in Dong Hy district. ; the area of ​​Nha Long commune and Thuong Dinh market, Phu Binh district (on National Highway 37)… In the coming time, the traffic inspectors will continue to strengthen patrols on national highways and provincial roads to promptly handle them. violations, not to recur, obstruct and unsafe traffic.

Currently, the encroachment of traffic corridors on many roads in the province has been basically handled. However, according to a representative of the Inspectorate of the Department of Transport, in order to avoid recidivism and new violations, the commune-level People’s Committee should continue to maintain and strengthen the management and promote propaganda to raise the awareness of the public. awareness of the people in these areas.

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