The elderly couple almost lost 600 million dong because of ‘fake’ police news

The elderly couple almost lost 600 million dong because of ‘fake’ police news
The elderly couple almost lost 600 million dong because of ‘fake’ police news

On the evening of March 18, the leader of Ha Dong District Police said that the agency had just coordinated with the bank to promptly prevent the elderly couple in the area from being trapped by criminals.

Earlier on the morning of March 13, Mr. B. (61 years old) and Mrs. L. (56 years old) received a call from an unknown number, claiming to be a police officer, working at the Nam Tu Liem District Police (March 13). Hanoi) and informed Mr. B. was involved in a drug and money laundering case; Mr. B’s account and ID number are being forged…

After using many tricks to intimidate Mr. B. the subject asked him to declare all existing bank accounts, and at the same time transfer all the money to a bank account provided by the subject.

To increase credibility, the subject also made friends with Zalo and video calls to Mr. B. to see the image of a person wearing a police uniform. After this call, Mr. B. was bewildered and afraid, so he talked to Mrs. L. to comply with the subject’s request.

Right in the afternoon of March 13, Ms. L went to Phu Lam Transaction Office (Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam) to transfer 200 million VND to an account at Lien Viet Post Bank. Seeing doubts, the staff explained, but Mrs. L gave the reason to transfer this amount.

On the morning of March 14, the subjects continued to contact Mr. B.’s wife and asked to transfer 400 million VND. Mr. B. and his wife went to Van Phu Transaction Office (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank) to transfer money.

Here, seeing unusual signs and seeing many strange phone numbers calling Mr. B. and his wife, the staff called the Ha Dong District Police and temporarily stopped the transaction.

Receiving information, Ha Dong District Police was present to coordinate with bank staff to propagate and explain to Mr. B. and his wife about forms of fraud and request not to conduct money transfer transactions. However, Mr. B. and his wife still find enough reasons to explain the transaction such as withdrawing money for investment, transferring to their children…

Ha Dong district police explained specifically and identified the subjects who were performing fraudulent acts, then Mr. B. and his wife stopped requesting the transaction.

Knowing that Mr. B. and his wife had transferred 200 million VND before, Ha Dong District Police contacted Lien Viet Post Bank to verify; Fortunately, this money Ms. L. has mistakenly transferred to another account number, so the bank will refund.

Through the incident, Ha Dong District Police recommended people to raise their vigilance, regularly update social information and propagate to their loved ones about fraudulent tricks to avoid becoming a victim.

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