VELP 2023 supports Vietnamese businesses

VELP 2023 supports Vietnamese businesses
VELP 2023 supports Vietnamese businesses

VELP 2023 attracted hundreds of Vietnamese businesses to register for trade connections after only nearly a month of official launch.

( – The Italian Trade Office collaborated with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the General Confederation of Italian Industries to create “VELP 2023 – ASEAN Business and Education Program”.

Currently, there are many Italian enterprises interested in the Vietnamese market as well as many Vietnamese enterprises who want to seek opportunities for cooperation and business with Italian enterprises. Therefore, the creation of VELP 2023 ( aims to support Vietnamese and Italian businesses in connecting trade, thereby, participating in the supply chain, global distribution.

VELP 2023 is built on the basis of SMART 365, which is a useful information page to help Vietnamese businesses looking for partners or suppliers in Italy can easily connect directly and officially. system. As a well-known country in the field of industry and machinery, Italy has a strong position in providing diversified product lines and technological lines with high quality and reasonable prices. Many Italian investors in the manufacturing industry are operating effectively and successfully in Vietnam, such as Bonfiglioli (transmission equipment, gear motor), Piaggio (engineering, etc.) motorcycles), Danieli (steel production), Datalogic (barcode readers, sensors, mobile devices), Ariston (water heaters and energy equipment), ENI (petroleum), ENEL Green Power (energy). green)…

At VELP 2023, the Vietnamese business community will find information about many Italian businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, in fields ranging from agricultural machinery and equipment to machinery and equipment. environment, machinery – mechanical equipment, equipment – renewable energy services…, bringing practical trading opportunities, suitable for each business scale.

Fabio De Cillis, Director of Italian Trade in Vietnam, said that using the VELP 2023 platform is a convenient way to register, record the profile and fields of Vietnamese companies that are interested in the contract. Business development cooperation with Italian companies. From there, making it easier to connect and exchange information later between the two sides.

The industrial revolution 4.0 is considered the highlight of the digital era with foundational technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and big data. , blockchain, … have strongly influenced the development of all industries in the economy of each country. Along with a strong wave of digital transformation, the need to find information and connect online has become a trend. The birth of VELP 2023 has helped Vietnamese businesses shorten the time and cost of finding cooperation opportunities with Italian businesses in the new era and period of deep international integration.

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