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(Construction) – Thai Nguyen Residential – Hotel – Commercial Center Complex Project (referred to as Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Tower Project) is being constructed by the construction unit to ensure the best construction progress and quality. . This is one of the important projects of the province that not only meets the increasing demand for housing, but also creates an impressive attraction and highlight for a dynamic and modern urban space.

Secretary of Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Thanh Hai and leaders of Thai Nguyen city inspect and give gifts to encourage officers and employees of Prime Thai Nguyen Co., Ltd. at the project.

Approved the investment policy of Thai Nguyen Provincial People’s Committee since October 2019, Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Tower Project, invested by Prime Thai Nguyen Co., Ltd., is a key level 1 civil construction project, approved by Prime Minister. Built in a “prime” location right in the circular island area of ​​​​Thai Nguyen city center with 2 fronts adjacent to Cach Mang Thang Tam street and Hoang Van Thu street, the main and busiest roads of Thai urban area. Originally present.

This is also a project long expected by Thai Nguyen people because of its functions and utilities as well as creating an important highlight to raise the level of the province’s grade 1 urban area. The project has a construction area of ​​about 60,000m2, with 4 main items including: 2 basements for parking with an area of ​​about 8,000m2; 4-storey podium is a commercial center, with the 1st and 2nd floors for coffee services, supermarkets and famous fashion brands, the 3rd floor is planned for health care services, four-season swimming pool , gym, spa massage, beauty care, 4th floor for super restaurant and bar system; The 17-storey tower block is a service block, including 42 high-class hotels, 45 condotels and offices, invested in 5-star standards and especially with rooms invested exclusively for VIP customers. , especially with standard rooms for the President and Prime Minister to stay and work; The 25-storey tower block is a high-class apartment block with 188 apartments with equipment and materials put into the project are products of reputable manufacturers in the world. This is also unprecedented in any high-end housing project in Thai Nguyen.

The location of the construction site of Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Towers has been planned for a long time. Over the years, provinces and cities have adjusted the planning many times, but the building is still identified in the central position.

Along with ensuring the progress, the quality of the work is always an issue that the investor often cares about, from the selection of construction contractors to ensure that they have construction capacity of level 1 or higher, must be professional. and have many years of experience in the construction field, typically: The main contractor is Construction Joint Stock Company 204 – Bach Dang Construction Corporation, ME Ha Do M&E contractor, Alumax door contractor… are prestigious contractors in the top of Vietnam in the field of construction, especially works with the participation of consulting and supervision of Construction Inspection and Equipment Technology Consulting Joint Stock Company – Coninco. , a leading unit, famous for strict and strict in all aspects in safety, quality, and progress of projects. At the same time, the company also signed with leading suppliers nationwide to use the most advanced materials for the project to ensure the construction is built according to the designed architecture and technique.

To ensure the best quality for the project, many advanced techniques in the field of construction are also applied to the maximum by the construction units, for the rough and finished construction items: Main contractor NT204 – Bach Dang Construction Corporation constructs DUL cable floor, which is one of the fast construction technology. M&E items: M&E Ha Do M&E Contractor specializes in the management and construction of M&E, especially super-high-rise buildings, the contractor applies Revit & BIM in the management, thus optimizing and detailing the process. The construction process creates beautiful, quality and scientific construction products, fast construction progress.

Door category: Alumax door contractor is at the forefront of door manufacturing technology, with a team of highly qualified engineers, invested in specialized machinery. Adopt Argon pump lower glass door, quality is guaranteed to reduce noise, reduce noise, prevent fogging. Fire doors meet the strictest PC Regulation QC06 2021.

Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Towers Project: Linking progress with quality assurance
In order to ensure labor safety during construction, the outer scaffolding system and the falling object cover system are designed, verified and calculated for the highest safety.

Given the nature and importance of the project, during the past time, the leaders of Thai Nguyen province and Thai Nguyen city have always paid attention and created all the most favorable conditions for the investor to accelerate the construction progress of the project. with strengthening inspection and supervision to ensure the project progress and quality when put into use.

To ensure the highest quality, Thai Nguyen Construction Department also regularly guides inspection in quality management. Especially in December 2022, the Inspection Department – Ministry of Construction inspected and concluded the quality of the underground part and the body to ensure the correct engineering design.

Not only that, to ensure safety, the investor and construction contractor also apply strict procedures and are regularly guided and inspected by the Departments of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, Fire Prevention and Fighting. Fire, Inter-sectoral Inspector, Provincial Department of Construction…

Prime Thai Nguyen Twin Towers Project: Linking progress with quality assurance
The completed project will create a new look and highlight for a modern and civilized Thai Nguyen urban area.

Talking to a reporter of Construction Electronic Newspaper, a representative of the investor unit said: Although there are still many difficulties due to epidemics, fluctuations in the material market, finance, real estate market…, but The unit has determined to overcome, so far, Prime Thai Nguyen Co., Ltd. has maintained the construction progress and quality of the work to ensure the plan, basically completing the rough construction, for the plastering part. , finishing paving reached 85% progress; the electromechanical part completed installation 80%; Door part completed 85% progress. The investor and contractors continue to be determined to overcome all difficulties, bring the construction progress to the fastest, strive in the third quarter of 2024 to put the project into operation and exploitation. Up to this point, the total construction volume of the project has reached 85%, the contractors also intend to make their determination to reach the finish line earlier than the set target.

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