Join hands to help a 4-month-old child living in Dak Lak province

Join hands to help a 4-month-old child living in Dak Lak province
Join hands to help a 4-month-old child living in Dak Lak province

Every case that comes to My Heart for Children has a very difficult situation, needs the attention and help of the community and Huynh Gia Huy (4 months old) is one of them. Huy’s family consists of 4 members, his parents work as freelancers, whoever hires them can do whatever they want, since he and his twin brother were born, his mother stayed at the maternity leave and took care of 2 children. Huy’s father alone works as a hired worker to provide for the whole family with 4 mouths to eat, so the family’s economy is extremely difficult.

Difficulties piled up when Huy was diagnosed with a difficult disease, his body was weak, so his parents had to stay at home to take care of him and his brother. The cost required for her surgery is 85 million dong, now the family’s economy is exhausted, it is impossible to borrow such a large amount of money to give her surgery.

After being instructed by the doctors of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to make an application to send to my heart, my family immediately made an application in the hope of receiving the help of benefactors. so that Gia Huy can soon have surgery, soon return to a normal life like other children of his age. All your contributions contribute to making the society warmer and more beautiful.

All support should be sent to:

* Direct support: Vietnamese Heart Foundation – Vietnam Television Station, 43 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

* Make transfers to support programs and characters:

Account Name: Vietnamese Heart Foundation

Account number: 1200 0005 8888 – Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam – Dong Da Branch

Content: “Ugly TTCE”

* Phone: 024.62969969

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