Parents assault their child’s teacher in Dak Nong

Parents assault their child’s teacher in Dak Nong
Parents assault their child’s teacher in Dak Nong

On the morning of May 26, the People’s Committee of Dak G’long district (Dak Nong) said that it had learned about the information that the teacher TKQ (Le Duan High School, Quang Son commune) accused a man who broke into the house, assaulted and injured. . The district has directed the school to report specifically for handling.

The leader of Quang Son Commune People’s Committee also said that the commune police are verifying and clarifying the above case.

Image of Ms. Q after being assaulted by Mr. D

According to initial information, at about 6:30 pm on May 25, Ms. Q and 2 children were at her own house in hamlet 2 (Quang Son commune), Mr. LMD (parent of LMQ, 12th grade student of Le Duan High School) entered the house cursing and assaulting.

The reason, about 1 month ago, LMQ had abusive behavior towards teachers, so Ms. Q was approved for the first lesson. After that, the school made a record, invited parents to discuss and handle the behavior of Q.

Towards the end of the school year, the school conducts an assessment of Q.’s behavior rating. Based on repeated violations of the rules, the school decided to rate Q. as an average conduct of the 2nd and final semesters. year. However, Q.’s parents do not accept this rating. However, the school still kept the results because the school council had met twice before to consider it.

Because of average conduct, Q. was not allowed to apply to the desired university. LMQ’s family also had bad words with the management board of Le Duan High School.

On the evening of May 25, Mr. D. walked to Ms. Q’s house (the two houses were about 100m apart) cursing and assaulting the teacher. When neighbors came to intervene, Mr. D. ran away.

Ms. Q was injured, nosebleed, so her relatives took her to a medical facility for treatment, and at the same time reported the incident to the authorities, the school…

According to initial information, Mr. LMD is also a teacher working at a secondary school in Quang Son commune.

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