The Secretariat requested to move the administrative headquarters out of the city center


The Secretariat has just issued Directive 23 on strengthening the Party’s leadership in ensuring traffic order and safety in the new situation.

All acts of intervention to handle traffic violations are strictly prohibited

In order to promote traffic safety and order to meet the requirements of the new situation, the Secretariat requested the Party committees, party organizations, authorities, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and other socio-political organizations to ensure traffic safety and order. level to fulfill the objectives and requirements.

The Secretariat requested to perfect institutions and policies, step up decentralization and decentralization, clearly define responsibilities, and ensure uniform, smooth and effective state management of traffic; raising the sense of responsibility, public service ethics, preventing and combating corruption and negativity among the staff directly in charge of ensuring traffic order and safety.

The Secretariat emphasized on the basic overcoming of traffic jams in major cities, the key being Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Hoang Ha

Simultaneously, mobilize investment resources to develop quickly and synchronously transport infrastructure in accordance with the scale and orientation of socio-economic development of the country; applying modern science and technology, promoting strong digital transformation in the field of transport.

The directive has set out 6 key tasks and solutions. In particular, the Secretariat requested to tighten order and discipline, and strictly handle all traffic violations by road users and people in charge of state management of traffic.

Every cadre, party member, civil servant and public employee, especially leaders, managers and heads must set an example and actively mobilize relatives, families and the people to strictly observe regulations on ensuring safety and security. traffic order and safety.

“It is strictly forbidden to interfere with and affect the handling of traffic violations by the authorities,” the directive stated.

The Secretariat also noted, focusing on reviewing and completing synchronously the legal system on traffic in the direction of clearly defining State management responsibilities for ensuring traffic order and safety in association with traffic safety. ensure security, social order and safety, build traffic infrastructure and develop socio-economic.

In which, to develop and promulgate the Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety and the Law on Roads to concretize a step of the above orientation.

Along with that, develop mechanisms and policies to mobilize and use resources to build and develop infrastructure and ensure traffic order and safety. Investment policies that give rise to a large increase in traffic demand must have an impact assessment on traffic order and safety.

Developing a system of underground and overhead traffic works

In addition, the Secretariat also requires a close combination of propaganda and advocacy with supervision, inspection, inspection, and strict handling of law violations; integrate content on ensuring traffic order and safety in the national master plan and traffic-related regulations to ensure feasibility, safety, practicality and strict implementation of the approved plan. .

Notably, the Secretariat pointed out that it is necessary to improve the capacity of management, administration and coordination of forces in ensuring traffic order and safety; to renew and improve the quality of vehicle registration and registration, training, testing, and licensing of traffic means.

At the same time, consolidating the organizational apparatus of agencies with functions and tasks to ensure traffic order and safety from the central to local levels in the direction of reducing focal points, streamlining staffing, and improving efficiency. overcome the situation of overlapping functions and tasks.

Besides, the Secretariat emphasized on basically overcoming traffic jams in big cities, the key ones being Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; strictly implement urban planning, traffic planning; interested in developing the system of underground traffic and overhead traffic.

Strictly implement the roadmap to relocate the headquarters of state administrative agencies, academies, universities, colleges, vocational schools, large hospitals, industrial production zones, etc. out of the city center according to the planning. .

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