“Real estate prices in Vietnam will increase, that’s for sure”

“Real estate prices in Vietnam will increase, that’s for sure”
“Real estate prices in Vietnam will increase, that’s for sure”

Recently, the Vietnam Real Estate Research Institute conducted a survey of 300 large investors from 10 professional social organizations of businesses, real estate investors in countries with developed real estate markets. developed in the world such as the American Real Estate Association, the Korean Real Estate Association, the Singapore Real Estate Association, etc.

The results confirm the positive sentiment and very high investment demand in the mid-end and high-end apartment market of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.

The first, Vietnam’s real estate prices are very attractive to foreign investors, but it is necessary to continue to improve the legal, information and data conditions… to create the most favorable conditions for foreigners to invest in Vietnam. Vietnam real estate market.

10.5% of investors rate the real estate market and real estate prices in Vietnam as very attractive; 47.4% rated very attractive but need to improve more legal conditions, information, data…; 21.1% rated it quite attractive; 15.8% rated it as relatively attractive. Only 5.3% of investors rated the level as not really attractive

Monday, Among segments of the real estate market, foreign investors are most interested in buying mid-end and high-end apartments.

There are 57.9% foreign investors interested in buying medium and high-class apartments; rental demand of this segment accounted for 36.8%.

The demand to buy tourism and resort real estate and rent tourism and resort real estate is also relatively high, at 26.3% and 31.6% respectively.

Demand for real estate leasing in industrial zones, buying real estate in industrial zones and renting commercial offices only accounts for about 5.3%.

Tuesday, about when and how to invest. 63.2% of investors confirmed that they would invest more if there were more conditions (legal, financial, information…); then, in the mode of investment at a moderate level, accounting for 15.8%; 10.5% of investors will invest a lot in the long term.

Wednesday, products and investment areas. Up to 78.9% of investors choose mid- and high-end apartment products in large and new urban areas (the new urban area is about 10km from the center, with complete and synchronous connectivity of infrastructure, social utilities, smart technology applications, green design); Next, 36.8% choose medium and high-class apartments in the urban center (smaller area, very high price and less amenities but close to the urban core).

Only 21.1% of investors choose products in independent, medium and high-class apartment buildings (1-2 buildings, not necessarily enough infrastructure and social facilities).

From the perspective of international managers and investors, Mr. Eric Park – Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Services Development Association, Professor of Real Estate Department, Soongsil Electronic University, Korea shared: I think Vietnam has always been among the top priority investment markets of our country.The factors that can influence the investment decisions of Koreans can include interest rates, cash flows and In addition, investors may also be interested in the location of the project, the type of project (eg office, supply chain, retail, or hotel, resort). and project cost.

Currently, the flow of Koreans living and working in Vietnam is increasing every year. The demand for housing, workspace and entertainment for this group of guests also increases accordingly. For example, in the office space group, hybrid working model (both online and offline) is the main trend in the rental market, and the group of tenants from the technology and biotech industries is increasing. . Office streets (where many corporations and companies are concentrated) will attract tenants to move in to find the best rental price.”

Mr. Eric Park added that Korean institutions and investors are allocating their assets abroad and real estate funds are increasing and the above information may be factors affecting their decision. their investment intentions in Vietnam.

And Jeffhery Foo – Chairman of Singapore Real Estate Association said: “I just had a trip to Ho Chi Minh City and found that this place also has many high-end real estate products. I predict property prices. in Vietnam will increase, that’s for sure, just haven’t predicted how much more % will increase”.

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