Managing and preventing deforestation in Ia Mo commune still faces many difficulties


Nguyen GiacFriday, May 26, 2023 17:12 (GMT+7)

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Despite being regularly inspected and handled by all levels, deforestation and forestland encroachment in Ia Mo commune, Chu Prong district still occur day by day.

In recent years, according to PV’s record, the situation of forest encroachment, farming on forested forest land, deforestation for swidden cultivation, etc. continues to take place in Ia Mo commune and some neighboring areas. . Many areas of trees were cut down lying everywhere, the roots were burned to cover the tracks. The places after the forest trees were cut down, the subjects immediately intercropped with trees such as: wheat, cashew; There is an area that is leveled with a large area to build a banana farm, pull high voltage electricity …

Recently, in addition to the area of ​​​​the east canal, which has been continuously encroached on and destroyed by objects, at the location of forest land (about 8km from the People’s Committee of Ia Mo commune to the northeast) a collection activity is taking place. land, sawing down forest trees and leveling and plowing illegally.

Many forest trees continue to be cut down and burned to encroach on forest land for agriculture, which still takes place in Chu Prong district.

Faced with the above situation, PV has informed and was directed by Chu Prong District People’s Committee to inspect, handle and give feedback after receiving the report.

Regarding the management and protection of forests in Chu Prong district, according to the district Forest Protection Department, in the 5 months of 2023, the force detected and arrested 13 cases of forest law violations; confiscated more than 7m3 of logs and sawn timber. Administrative sanction of 6 cases, collection of 75 million dong to the state budget.

In parallel with the task of forest management and protection, the Forest Protection Department regularly cooperates with communes and forest owners to organize campaigns and encourage people to voluntarily declare the location and area of ​​shifting cultivation for agricultural production. agriculture and swidden huts built on forestry land, to return the encroached forest land; propagandize and mobilize people not to encroach on and use forest land illegally; voluntarily uprooting agricultural crops, dismantling shacks and huts illegally built on forestry land; at the same time, mobilize people to convert trees suitable for forestry purposes and participate in afforestation.

Many areas of forest land in Ia Mo commune continue to be bulldozed and illegally planted forest trees despite the local mobilization of handing over and combining with afforestation.

According to the afforestation plan in 2023, Chu Prong district is allocated 760ha to plant. The Forest Protection Department has directed the local rangers to coordinate with the Commune People’s Committee, the forest owner’s unit and related units to organize propaganda and mobilize the people to declare the forest land area under agricultural cultivation for conversion. plants suitable for forestry purposes. Currently, households have registered for afforestation with an area of ​​84ha, said Deputy Head of the Chu Prong District Forest Protection Department Le Anh Duc.

At the hot spot of deforestation in Ia Mo commune, the Forest Protection Department has been strengthened with the force of Team 2, combining specialized forces and regular authorities to patrol and control. During the working process, it was discovered and invited related subjects to work to deter and propagate the provisions of the law.

Chu Prong district also reviewed and reported to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to put the forest area in the irrigation area into the management and protection area and will strictly handle those who encroach on and destroy forests in the coming time – the district leader district ranger said.

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