More than 40 people fighting because of a conflict at the bar

More than 40 people fighting because of a conflict at the bar
More than 40 people fighting because of a conflict at the bar

PacifyControversy at the bar, 40 people by car went to Hoang Van Thu Street, Quy Nhon City, threatened with knives, smashed glass doors, opened fire to shoot opponents.

On May 26, Quy Nhon City Police arrested and detained nine 16-21-year-olds including Nguyen Anh Phi, Vo Thanh Tung, Vo Ngoc Hau, Nguyen Dong Hieu, Nguyen Thanh Cuc, Le Tran The Son, Tran Huynh Huy and Cao. Gia Bao about behavior Disturbing public order.

Chaos in Binh Dinh

Shooting during a melee in Quy Nhon City, on the evening of May 21. Videos People provide.

According to the investigation, at 11 pm on May 21, 10 young people in Chuong Ga hamlet were drinking on the sidewalk of Hoang Van Thu street, Le Hong Phong ward, when another group of about 40 people (including 9 defendants) went on four trips. The car came and attacked with a knife.

The neighbors of the Chicken Cage ran into the house to close the door, the group in the car outside shouted, challenged, banged on the door, cursed. Some people in the car group used a gun (unknown type) to shoot many times in the leg of Le Hong Chien (16 years old, Chuong Ga village), causing him to be injured and being treated at the hospital.

According to the police, the two sides fought because of a conflict while playing at a bar in Quy Nhon City. When a group of people in Chuong Ga hamlet went home to drink, they were pulled by a rival group to take revenge.

The investigative agency has not yet informed the gunman who shot the opponent and continues to hunt for those involved.

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