Thanh Hoa: Arresting a fraudulent official who appropriated about 10 billion VND


On May 26, the police of Ngoc Lac district, Thanh Hoa province said that they had just broken Special Case 523L and arrested Trinh Thi Hue (SN 1982; living on Le Hoan street, Ngoc Lac town), currently an official of an agency. An official under the People’s Committee of Ngoc Lac district, had forged many land use right certificates (red book) to deceive and appropriate property. The arrest decision has been approved by the Procuracy of the same level.

Trinh Thi Hue at the police station. Photo: PLO

According to the initial investigation results of the police, Hue used many fake land use right certificates to mortgage and borrow money from some households in Lang Chanh and Ngoc Lac districts. When it was due, because there was no money to pay, Hue used the above fake land use right certificate number to “assign debt” and was discovered and denounced by the people to the police agency.

Immediately after receiving the information, the Ngoc Lac District Police urgently intervened and investigated, verified and clarified the case. By professional measures, the district police arrested Trinh Thi Hue on the act of deceiving property.

Conducting an urgent search of Hue’s residence and workplace, the functional forces have seized many papers and documents related to the act of forging seals and documents of agencies and organizations. In addition, Ngoc Lac district police temporarily seized 10 certificates of land use rights that Trinh Thi Hue forged and mortgaged to borrow money.

Trinh Thi Hue and the evidence of the case. Photo: PLO

At the police station, Hue confessed: Because she needed money to pay the debt, from the end of 2022 until being discovered and arrested, the subject used social networks to contact and make dozens of certificates of use right. fake land bearing his name. After that, Hue brought the fake land use right certificate to the house of some people in the two districts of Lang Chanh and Ngoc Lac to borrow a total of about 10 billion dong.

Currently, the case is being investigated and handled by the Ngoc Lac District Police.

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