Dong Nai wants to spend more than VND 10,000 billion to build 66 social housing projects


Dong Nai province said it will spend about VND 10,155 billion to invest in building 66 projects of worker housing and social housing, on an area of ​​more than 700 hectares. Notably, these are social housing project does not include the land fund that must be used for social housing in commercial projects.

Localities of Dong Nai province that do not yet have social housing projects will be allocated more land funds to develop this type of housing. In terms of quantity by locality, Bien Hoa city has 18 projects, Cam My district 12 projects, Vinh Cuu and Thong Nhat districts together have 7 projects… The goal is that by 2025, Dong Nai will build 10,000 houses. in society.

Currently, Dong Nai province has 9 projects of worker housing and social housing being implemented with a total of 10,202 houses, mainly in Nhon Trach and Long Thanh districts. The province currently has 3,500 social housing houses, of which, housing for workers is only about 1,500 households, the remaining 2,000 are for policy beneficiaries and armed forces.

From 2026, districts and cities will build 1-3 new social housing projects, with a roadmap to 2030, Dong Nai will build 37 projects with about 40,000 apartments.

The Government has set a goal to strive that by 2030, the total number of social housing apartments in localities will be about 1,062,200 completed.

It is known that with the characteristic of being an industrial province with more than 600,000 workers, most of them are immigrants, the demand for housing in the area is very large. However, up to now, Dong Nai has only about 3,500 social housing and worker housing.

Besides, there are currently 9 projects being implemented on an area of ​​more than 52 hectares in Bien Hoa city, but compared to the demand, they can only meet very little. Especially, in localities with a large number of workers such as Bien Hoa city, Nhon Trach district, Long Thanh district, Trang Bom district, etc., very few housing projects for workers are currently being built.

Regarding the construction of social housing, on April 3, 2023, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has just signed Decision 338/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister approving the project “Investment in construction of at least 1 million social housing apartments for low-income people and industrial park workers in the 2021-2030 period.

This project aims to develop social housing, housing for workers with prices suitable to the affordability of middle- and low-income households in urban areas and of workers. operating in industrial parks and export processing zones.

Accordingly, the State encourages all economic sectors to develop housing to create conditions for everyone to have a place to live according to the market mechanism, to meet all people’s needs, and at the same time has policies to support housing. housing for social policy beneficiaries, low-income people and the poor facing housing difficulties in order to contribute to political stability, ensure social security and develop urban and rural areas in the direction of culture. smart, modern.

Striving to 2030, the total number of social housing apartments in localities will be completed about 1,062,200 units. In which, according to calculations in the period of 2021 – 2025, about 428,000 apartments will be completed; In the period of 2025 – 2030, about 634,200 apartments will be completed.

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