Yen Bai Electricity has implemented many measures to prevent fires and explosions due to overload in the hot season

Yen Bai Electricity has implemented many measures to prevent fires and explosions due to overload in the hot season
Yen Bai Electricity has implemented many measures to prevent fires and explosions due to overload in the hot season

Yen BaiThe weather is hot and sunny, and the demand for electricity, especially with large capacity cooling devices, has increased dramatically. Many households equipped with additional cooling devices but forgot to take into account the safety of the power grid, which easily leads to overload, short circuit, increasing the risk of fires and explosions.

The power transmission line system in many areas, especially densely populated areas, old apartments, old dormitory areas, markets… is quite overlapping and degraded. Besides historical or construction factors, the majority of people’s awareness of fire prevention and fighting in general and the sense of fire safety in using electricity in particular is still limited.

There are cases where households hook up, make arbitrary electrical connections, fail to check and maintain long-used electrical equipment, arbitrarily expand and install more electrical equipment without upgrading electrical wires. These are the causes of problems with electrical systems and electrical equipment, increasing the risk of fire and explosion because it is only a small spark at first, but if not detected in time, it will spread to the objects. then explode into a big fire.

In order to prevent fire and explosion caused by electricity use in the hot season, Yen Bai Power Company (PCYB) has strictly implemented regulations on safety assurance and fire prevention for all equipment. electricity; at the same time, propagandize to customers using electricity.

PCYB’s leadership has thoroughly understood to all officers and employees of the whole unit, raising awareness of fire and explosion warning; at the same time, preventing fire and explosion caused by electricity use in hot season; actively test current measurement at peak and off-peak hours.

Strengthening day and night inspection of equipment, lines and transformers (MBA) at substations (TBAs) with large loads, handling oil penetration detection, adding oil to transformers to ensure the dry season There is no shortage of oil in the heater, causing the transformer to burn out, affecting the stable and continuous supply of electricity to the people in the hot season.

Along with that, PCYB also promotes propaganda on fire prevention, electricity safety and high-voltage grid corridor by doing things such as distributing leaflets, instructing customers on how to use electricity safely, economically and efficiently. , avoid the occurrence of fire, explosion, unfortunate fire; coordinate with press agencies to propagate fire safety work to raise people’s morale and responsibility in ensuring the safety of the power grid system in their place of residence and focus on fire prevention and fighting work.

Coordinate with local authorities to periodically check electrical safety and fire prevention in densely populated areas, market areas, lines behind meters, and electricity grid corridors.

According to the forecast, the summer of 2023 will welcome the peak heat wave, so the demand for electricity in the coming time in the province will continue to increase. Therefore, besides the implemented solutions, PCYB encourages agencies, offices, businesses and people to continue to thoroughly use electricity safely, economically and efficiently.

Specifically, turning off unnecessary electrical equipment, limiting the use of heated and large-capacity electrical appliances during peak hours to both ensure safety and help save electricity costs, bring economic efficiency. directly to businesses and households.

In addition, households must regularly check and replace old power lines; Each household should be equipped with 1 to 2 portable fire extinguishers to ensure quality. When a fire occurs due to the use of electricity, it is necessary to quickly cut off the main circuit breaker, report the fire at phone number 114 and use fire fighting means to extinguish the fire…

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